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  • Sia "Poligons Reklamas Agentura"

    1 Katlakalna street Riga,

    Company „Poligons Reklamas Agentura” was established in 1999. And during that working period we are recommended ourselves as leading Promotion among the Baltic States. Moreover members of PSI and till this time have more than 2000 constant Clients.Our provides creative method useful for customers to select items ...
  • Pb Trade

    Liepkalni Bauska, -

    PB TRADE Ltd. is Latvian company specialized in the supply and export of high quality fresh chopped kiln dried firewood.Our aim to gain our customer?s trust productive cooperation by providing customers with best service (with individual approach each client) products. We specialize mainly birch alder firewood production, ...
  • Baltezera Avoti Ltd.

    31 Cesu, Riga, Vidzeme, Latvia

    Natural water "Baltezers" - pure of the best quality. For more than 10 years company "Baltezera Avoti" is extracting and crystal clear drinking "Baltezers", history which has started 100 ago. This unique underground aquifer was discovered in 1902 since that time surrounding territory 20 km2 been isolated preserved. On European ...
  • Investroom

    rigas street

  • Solinstal


    Hello, We are a sawmill company from Latvia. Our specialty is in spruce andpine sawn timber. If you are interested in spruce and pine purchase, please send us byemail your interest to the dimensions and quality requirements.*****
  • Amats AB

    Baznicas 22


    Siguldas pr.10-1, Riga, Latvia, Latvia,LV-1014

    KERNELS GROUP Ltd. was founded in 2007. is the official manufacturer's ZPRF "Intellectual Resources" representative. We are one of leading Organic Fertilizer exporters Baltic region.KERNELS offers high-quality peat processing products. Our company constantly trying to provide high quality products for agricultural and ...
  • I. Straubergas Valodu Centr

    11-14 Gaismas str. Kuldiga,

    Car diagnosis and repair. Car key's producing, copying and coding. ECU diagnosis and repair. Airbag safety system's renewal.
  • Sparlat

    Lazdu 1

  • Lingress

    Vidusprospekts 20-32

  • Pure Chocolate

    Pure-9, Pure, Tukuma region, Latvia,LV-3124

    Pure Chocolate company produces exclusive chocolate truffles that are products from top quality ingredients (Belgian chocolate, German dairy products, Danish oil and sugar, Italian desert pastes), produced according to special recipes on advanced production machinery. ...

    Veckaleji, Mazsalaca, Latvia,LV4215

    We are vermicompost manufacturers. We produce vermicompost of cow dung and grass 30%. We can offer dried and sreened vermicompost.
  • TC Busine


    We specializing in natural soap, bubble balls (fizz bomb), bath salt, milk, scrub, body butter, yoghurt, masks, shower gel, cream and other care product offers. For each line we offer a large variety of odors.We produce the goods on order with company logo, as well you can put your own label goods.Please feel free to contact me if find ...
  • Plaza Lux

  • E.A. Financial

    matisa 76/78, riga, riga, Latvia,LV-1009

    Our company is constantly evolving and expanding its activities to meet every one of our customer's expectations.

    Terbatas Street 74A

    NORD AGRI LLC is established to serve your agricultural needs. From our side we are doing everything provide you with best PREMIUM ECOLOGICAL peat moss, substrates and organic fertilizer products. Once will try products, demands for quality meet next level very proud that we, as LLC, contribute food industry become more ...
  • Latinwest Ltd

    Gertrudes 20

    Latinwest Yachting is a firm specializing in the sale and purchase of new old-model sailing yachts motor yachts. We are first Baltic States who deliver world wide brokerage service to our costumers. According shared belief that there nothing more valuable important than deserving trust clients, it commitment at competent, ...
  • Nexus Tourism Agency


  • LTD Randa

    Klavas Rude, Rojas novad

    LTD Rānda is working in the field of fish processing for more than 15 years. We are located in Latvia which is one of the European Union countries.We offer canned fish products: sprats in oil, cod liver in own juice etc.


    SIA Baltspan is animal bedding producer from wood shavings. Ourcompany was established in 2015 and located Cesis, Latvia.Wood species used for production pine spruce.Shavings are kiln dried to moisture level of 9-14 per cent, dustfiltered free impurities. Our products include large flakepremium shavings, medium size flakes ...
  • Aurum999

    Salnas iela 12-44, RÄ«ga, Other, Latvia

  • Chem Resources Corp.


  • Lat Horse Span Ltd

    Piebalgas, Cesis, Vidzeme, Latvia,LV-5001

    We have been in the business of producing horse and animal beddingfor over 5 years. Our factory is based Cesis, Latvia, where wehave invested all our knowledge experience to build one themost modern production facilities Baltics, EU. The locationof not a coincidence, because most forestindustry located this region gives us ...
  • AV Vertum

    Sencu 1 Riga,

    Our company "AV VERTUM", is the resident of Latvian republic (the Baltic country), engaged in intermediary activity on deliveries mineral oil.We are ready to deliver black oil 10000-50000 tones a month.The payment: letter credit, an advance payment.Probably, you interest also other oil.If cooperation, we would like know ...
  • Wood Expo

    Drebesu pag., Amatas nov.