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    Vienības gatve 87d, Rīga, LV1004 Latvia, Riga, Vidzeme, Latvia

  • ALEX Co. Ltd.

    7 Exporta str. Riga,

    Import - Export company.Custom service.Custom warehouses.Trading: metals, minerals, timber, chemistry, agrochemicals, plastics.
  • Private Enterprise LK Plant

    Atbrivosanas aleja, Rezekne, Latgale, Latvia,LV4600

  • Nuga Line Ltd.

    Bullu Str. 9, Riga, Latvia, Latvia,LV1055

    We are trade company , we work in EC market in helth care . we sell personal massagers with jade and tourmanium ceramic.

    Other, Latvia

    Clothes, shoes and accessories, assorted by brand, gender, age, season, style, sizes etc. – best options for wholesalers and retailers from different markets will be offered and advised by our proficient team of salesmen, who speak English and Russian languages.


  • FSB Grou

    Vietalvas 1 Riga,

    We are suppliers of mobile phones, digital cameras, notebooks, Lcd tv in the market of Latvia. We wished to receive from you the offer on purchase of mobile phones, digital cameras.
  • Tiwatiwacom

    Zellu 5-4,  Riga, ,  Latvia. LV1002

    Sell products in Russia and Baltic's. Looking for a Trading Partner We offer the wholesale selling of your Russia, Ukraine, Latvia so on.Also we are ready to help you find trade partner countries. Please, contact us if have interest Russia's or Baltic's market.Skype: tiwatiwacom ...
  • Baltic Supplying Group Ltd.

    Lacplesa 7, Ventspils, Latvia, Latvia,LV-3601

    Latvian company "Baltic Supplying Group" Ltd was established in 2001. Office and manufacture are arranged three equipped workshops with total area of more than 10 000m2 Ventspils.Main activity is fabrication containers made steel for collection transportation solid waste (household garbage, metal scrap, ...
  • Kosma Balt Llc

    Jauceltne 2 Riga,

  • Baltic Runabout SIA

    Dzenu 1

  • Granits Ltd.

    Unijas iela 6-9 Riga, Latvia

    GRANITS Ltd. was founded in Riga, Latvia 1993. We are specializing hinge production for pallet collars and currently is one of the leading producers Eastern Europe. produce standard, flat/center powder painted. All products go trough extensive quality control to ensure that customers receive reliable product. Our main ...
  • Ifiwereachild

  • Recuperacion Energetica Balear

    5 Zenja 41 Liepaja, Latvia

    Finance: M2 Baltic is the master of financing! We can bring in financing and Joint Venture on your project to achieve goals a Win-Win-Win mannor! Secondarily, we will finance equipment purchases from us (or others), or set up leases for you 3rd parties-even setting PPA project.M2 as Renewable Energy Company:Building two bio ...
  • Global Distribution

    F. Sadovnikova 39

    Global Distribution is the official representative for biggest Latvian enterprise which works in field of production on organic fertilizers and soil conditioners made from high quality raw material SAPROPEL. We also represent a lot other commodity producers all over world - Firewood, Briquettes etc. Just ask what you need.- ...

    Valdemara 63

  • Quot;Real Estate LV" Ltd


    I am young man which have the interest to start cooperation with profesional abroad company. Our companu estabilished in 2006 year.I would like bussines Asia design of modern style realise your ideas here Europe. Also interesting find company estbilish coperation.I want work profesionals and know you are professional! ...


  • Aindars Group SIA

    33-1, Bruninieku Riga, Riga

  • Firstenergy1

    Stabu iela 19

  • Opservis Systems Ltd

    Ganibu dambis 24a-611, Riga, Latvia, Latvia,LV1005

    Doing programming on request and box product selling made by us (CRM). Sell/buy used industrial machinery for import and export from/to Russia and EU.
  • Mezameistars LTD

    P.Lejina, Riga, Vidzeme, Latvia,LV 3001

    Latvian company is looking for new firewood markets. we are producing 250 xxxxx of dray( 20%) birch firewood weekly.
  • Jauda-koks LTD

    Other, Latvia

    Nowadays Suntažu factory is equipped with two 19.5 m longautoclaves, rough and smooth peeling machines unique 26m longsolid wood kiln drier, allowing us to prepare for impregnationin approximately 10 days. Because of fast drying, Jauds-koks LTDdoesn’t have dry poles naturally over 6 months, therefore we canfulfil ...
  • SIA SteinBerg

    Skaidas, Kandava, Kurzeme, Latvia,LV-3132

    Briquettes are made froma carefully selected wheat straw which has been chopped, dust extracted and treated to offer horses a hygienic, economic soft alternative conventional bedding. Straw briquettes new concept in equine bedding offering super absorbent, easy-to-muck-out highly biodegradable chopped shavings other ...