Russian Federation Company List

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  • Green Bean Inc.

    3.ul.Shkolnaya. Nakhodka,

    Crude oil and main kind of fuel.Now we as agent the seller have opportunity to 500 000 tons D2 gas fuel/month with next characters:Russian Origin Gas Oil L 0.2/62 GOST 305-82COMPONENT UNIT RESULTS MIN. MAX.Density @ 20º C Kg/m3 0.870Colour 2.0Flash point, PMCC º 57 62Kinematic Viscosity 20 Cst 3.0 6.0Poor point (*) - 10.0Cloud ...
  • Kolzak Energy

    No 62 Volgogradsky Prospekt

    We at Kolzak Energy hereby uses this medium to notify every Legal Representatives of Genuine importers / Buyers and end users Russian oil Products ranging from High-Speed Diesel/AG0 low sulphur, Export Blend crude oil,Mazut m100/75, JP54, Lpg Lng that we are willing Capable supply the above listed products ASWP . ...
  • Revais Co.,Ltd.

    50/3 Ligovskiy pr., office#6 Saint-Petersburg,

    Buying modafinil, alpha-pyrrolidone, GBL, 1,4-butanediolCement bulkHave capabilities to distribute large quantities of pharmaceuticals/construction material
  • Crude Holding

    volgograsky house 6 moscow city moscow, moscow

    WE the Crude Holdings LLC A direct mandate to Re-seller company with allocation Refinery seller legal responsibility under penalty of Perjury hereby Confirm Availability and Capability Supply listed Products for Immediate Spot Contract sales. The is guaranteed meet Specifications pass through stringent requirements SGS or ...
  • Yugrostexport Ltd.

    Turubarovih 75-77

  • Nordcape Management Ltd


  • Neftcom Export

    31 tverskaya street moscow russia moscow, moscow

    Neftcom Exports is direct mandate to a reliable seller in Russia, we supply d2, jp54, mazut, bitumen, we can help you get the product you intend to import, all our products are Russian origin.

    Sokolova, 80

  • UMT Company


    UNIVERSAL MARKET TECHNOLODGY is the company which assists your business on Russian Federation territory. We are specialist in consumer goods trading support, medicine mining and construction sphere chemical, epoxy industry.We organize:- Certification of goods.- goods- equipment machines- Transport logistics- ...
  • Volgonik OOO


    We are OOO VOLGONIK,oil company.We sell the following products below:AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL GRADE 54 JET FUEL A1MAZUT M100 GOST 10585-75&10585-99 DIESEL GAS OIL ULTRA-LOW SULPHUR 50ppm RUSSIAN D2 L-02-62 305-82 EXPORT BLEND CRUDE 51 858-2002 [R.E.B.C.O] 9965-76 LIQUIDIFIED NATURAL PETROLEUM [LPG] 20448 90 BASE / SN 500 ...
  • Trialeti Ltd.

    6-3 Altufievskoe sh., hotel Vladukino, off.903 Moscow, Moscow regio

    Export of alcoholic beverages:1. Dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet red and white wines from the Republic of Georgia;2. Different kinds of georgian brandies.3. Wine gifts and souvenirs - wine in hand-made loam bottles and jugs.
  • Zelz Agro

    1824, Moscow, Russia, Russia

    AridGrow is a supplyer of fertilizer from Russia. The compnayhave been founded in 2001 to produce and sell world classinnovative fertilizers the global markets. At moment company has plant with capacity 3000 ton organicfertilizer AridGrow. Over years it showed that this fertilizerallows replace NPK gain better ...
  • Rime Industrial Trading Ltd

    avangardnaya, moscow, rf, Russia,125493

  • Variant Grou

    77a, Kostukova st. Belgorod, Belgorod

    We sale plot of land 25,2h. in central part of Russia, electric power, gas and water nearby.Please contact for more information!
  • RostovRemAgroProm

  • Eco-Engineering LTD

    trubnaya street Moscow, Moscow

    I represent Russian chemical plant, which is going to be liquidated in nearest time. The results of liquidation about 100 000 Tones metal scrap. It located Irkutsk region Russia.We are looking for long relationship with scrap buyers several years. Our supply ability approximately 2000 tones per month.If you interested our ...
  • IP Naryzhny

    Bataysky 41a

  • Alida Chemical

    Bldg. 16, 2 Electrodnaya str

  • Quot;Bumfa Group" Ltd.

  • Eurasia Electronic

    25 B, Lenina str. Kemerovo,

    Good afternoon! We are interested by your prices and conditions ofcooperation. Our company is based in 1997. A structure of activity -wholesale - retail trade household electronics, mobile phonesand accessories. The nearest plans include expansion commoditymarkets (Novosibirsk, Moscow)Hope to have the good ...
  • Nefte Gaz Komplekt Ltd.

    Shodnenskaya Str., 12 Moscow,

    Nefte Gaz Komplekt is a Russian company specializing in wholesale of petrochemicals and equipment for oil and gas industry.
  • Roman Ivanovich

    mikloko maklaya street moscow, Not Canada or USA

    Gagaskiy Alliance Incorporated is an Oil mandate registered in Moscow Russia since 2004. We are a to well known and reliable Producing Company Federation with full corporate legal responsiblility, under the penalty of perjury confirm that we ready, willing able sell following products for immediate Spot deals contract ...
  • Russian Premium Spirits International Ltd

    Batushkova 9 Cherepovets, Russia

    Our company, "Russian Premium Spirits International Ltd.", is the owner of the trademark and producer of the vodka "Russkiy Parliament"
  • Gasnefteservis Co. Ltd

    22 "zh" Oktyabrskaya Ulyanovsk,

    ZAO Gasnefteservis was founded in 2000.We are JSC producers EPS permanent forms for house building on the Russian market. Our company is largest producer Volga region. About 180-190 persons works at moment.We interesting polysterene, EPS,KF312MKF 312 M, F 351 amount 60MT, packed 0.8 MT bigbag.500 tonnes and more ...

    Gusinobrodskoe shosse, 68. Trade center "Zima", B57 / 1

    Our company was established in 1993 Novosibirsk, Russian Federation. The main business is fur skins and natural products (cep, sourberry, pine nut) trading. We are not a manufacturer, but we have realy wide connections this area can offer high quality with profitable prices.We interested cooperation serious companies ...