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  • Hakuru. Pvt Ltd

    Ma. Hakurugasdhoshuge Male',

    we export hakuru. hakuru is very important part of your life. if you dont use hakuru your energy level will go down. and you will have to pay more for hakuru.
  • Atoll Ecommerce

    Sheerazee Kanmatheege, Sheerazee Goalhi

  • Sand Coin Investments Pvt Ltd

    3rd Floor, M.Samandharu

  • Evian Fisherie

    roashanee magu, male, kaafu, Maldives,20016

    we are a company exporting tuna products to japanese markets and other markets. We supply maldivian tuna at exellentr rates. please dont hesitate to contact us at xxxxx
  • Metal Pro Pvt Ltd

    Other, Maldive

    We Deliver all types of FishAll types of Scrap MetalPlastic Scra

    kenereemagu, Male, Machangoli, Maldives,20-02

    Kingpin Maldives Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2005, with the ideas of expanding Trade, Shipping, Recruitment Seafarers, Travel Trade and Tourism Product Maldives. The dedicated Directors have decided to achieve greater vision, be an efficient inbound outbound tour operator Cargo handling agent, Exporters Seafood, Tuna, Bonit, ...
  • Seaforth Maldives Pvt.Ltd


  • Dhivehi Meysthiri Pvt. Ltd.

    Hadheebee Magu, Male, Kaafu, Maldives,960

    We are the only company in the Maldives running a sawmill.we import logs mainly from Europe to saw it in our sawmill and sell as timber planks and from the waste we make furniture.
  • Pan Ocean International Pvt Ltd

    Oceanic Building, 1 Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male, Male

    We are in general Import / Export, tourism and fishing. Own and operate a fleet of fishing vessels, specially for long line tuna.
  • Jammin Trade

    athamaa golhi, male, Maldives,20196

    We are a maldivian owned company based in maldives. we sell dried sea cucumber to many countries in the world. We maintain best practices in all our business operation.
  • Elavaru Maldives Pvt.Ltd.

    Bavana,Galolhu Male', Kaafu

    Elavaru Maldives Private Limited is a company registered under Ministry of Trade & Development Maldives.Our Mainly Business is Real Estate,Import & Export Business.Mainly We supply good quality dried sea cucumber's.
  • Fattoria

    M. Yazoom Male, Male

    We are a local agricultural company located and established north of Maldives. We produce vegetables normaly; cucumber, melon, lettuce, etc. In addition to this we do sea cucumber business.
  • Ahara Trade

    Harinma G, Male, Maldives,20141

    My company established in 2007. I do whole sale business. No special particular Items to buy.What ever it is demand for my so.I selling fish Items:- Fresh Tuna, Yellowfinned tunaVarious types of fresh Reef Fish, Tuna Fish & Chunks intins ISO standered as per buyers Spec. ...
  • Provoya Maldives Pvt. Ltd

    M. Almeeriya (1st Floor) Javaahiru Magu. Male', Maafannu

    Provoya Maldives Pvt.Ltd Incorporated in 2013 is a provider of social services Maldives. The company started its waste management project as disposing has become one the greatest concerns to our beautiful environment. provide service collection and recycling disposal services. Its Customers include residential, ...
  • Happyfish Pvt Ltd

    Chandhanaee magu, Maldives, Male, Maldives,20156

    we are now one of the leading tuna and sea food exporters in maldives since 1999 .We have also a close relation ship with largest fish such as Mifco. supplies to more then 36 resorts through out ***** contact information please ( *****) us very much looking forward expand our business asia well neighboring countries including sri ...
  • Ahi Pvt. Ltd

    Fareedhee Magu, Male, Maldives,20256

    We are Ahi Pvt. Ltd based in Male , Maldives. member of since October, 2006. Our business is related to Food & Beverage industry and we specifically deal safari yacht,tuna loins. Please find our product details below:Sell Tuna LoinsWr company trading established the can supply yellow fin tuna loins grade A B. if ...
  • Squid Pvt. Ltd.

    Muranga Magu, Male, Maafannu, Maldives,20-03

    SQUID PVT LTD is a private company registered in the Republic of Maldives, with prime object exporting Chilled Yellow Fin Tuna to international Market. We serve as supplier qualified buyers requiring quality assured, long-term supply relationships from Maldives. Our commitment your opportunity and formed on nationwide ...
  • Tropical Ocean Holidays


    Destination Management Company of MaldivesTropical Ocean Holidays a division Tropical Private Ltd. is leading travel and tourism company dedicated to creating the ultimate Maldivian experience for clients from around world. more information available on ...
  • Sapphire Villa

    Muiveyo magu male, kaafu

    manufacturers of hand made silver and Gold jewellery and Gemstones. Miners of Gem stones. Cutting Experts exporting jewelleries to more than 4 countries such as malaysia sinagapore maldives india. and UAE
  • Hinmaiy Fishing Company Pvt Ltd

    Lainoofaru magu, Male, Maafannu, Maldives,20255

    Established in 2007, the company aims to provide Maldivian Yellow fin Tuna, Fresh and easily customers oceanic Asian region as well Europe. it is intended expand year 2008 order make facilities so that "Sashimi" level tuna meat can be processed our own thus exported Japanese Market.Please do not hesitate contact us if any other ...
  • Getfish Maldive

    Other, Maldive

    Extremely sensitive in maintaining top most quality, we purchasefresh fish from fisherman and store it both as fresh and frozen. Wecan supply depending on the need.
  • Sha Embroidery

  • Global Fresh Choice Pvt.Ltd.

    H.Maa Ali 3rd Floor, Male', Other, Maldive

    We are Global Fresh Choice Pvt.Ltd. based in Male' , Maldives. member of since December, 2011. Our business is related to Food & Beverage industry and we specifically deal Grouper, Coral Trout, Red Rock Cod, Tiger Marbled Snapper, Emperor, Yellow Fin Tuna. Please find our product details below:TroutRead ...
  • Boch Network Maldive

    M. Waving Light

    Distributor of Health and beauty products to worldwide
  • Royallink Maldives Pvt Ltd

    abadahufaa hingun male', maldive

    we export all types of dried seafood exporter in maldives, contact us: at live .com