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  • Dubel Link International General Trading L.L.C

    Rue du progrès, 1 Nivelles, Brabant Wallo

    We sell fridge side by side, brand LG and Samsung from 500 euros. If you are interested by our product, please contact us 0032472498300.

    Kroondreef 25

    We are an import and exportcompany working storing only goods under bond active since 1974-we well introduced in the DutyFree market sell on a "ex bonded warehouse" base. Our main warehouse is located Netherlands accurate, reliable known this kind of business. ...
  • Alestradeplastic

    modern rockbase greenspace

  • B Import

    Breendonkstraat 311

    B-IMPORT is a Belgium based importer. We provide wide variety of products made in our Brazilian factory. - GLASS BLOCK SPACERS: plastic glass block spacers, ROOFING SLATE: slate for roofing, cladding, Spanish roofing,- FLOORING flooring, tiles, slabs, snooker tables, billiard pool tables,- GRANITE: Granite countertops ...
  • Dchemist

    Voilestraat 20 Antwerpen, Antwerpe

    We are the mxstockgroup and we committed to our customers employees and, more importantly people who rely on medicines, plan move forward with greater vigour a clearer vision put each every individual at heart of commitment, With creation Pharmaceuticals Ltd. now have most innovative ?research pipelines in pharmaceutical ...
  • Kartich

    ruxelles, bruxelles, Belgium

    emport export ships and vessel and gsm and pcand clothes and stock secon hand 0032486493353
  • Gemini Corp NV

    elgium belgium, belgium

    This is DA from Gemini Corporation N.V. has had its head office at House in Belgium for over 20 years. At more than 150 professionals are employed to raw material operations. Furthermore associate companies and infrastructure worldwide including China, India, Vietnam, UAE, Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, U.K. U.S.A. ...

    Regent Street, London, Other, Belgium,W1B 3HH

    Our company is specialised in olive oil production.Our field afamily with over 1200 trees .We are organising ourexpansion the similar way:only organic culture.Only traditionalmethods.No chemical product or treatment at all.Our of highest quality  sweet taste,nice smelland green-yellow aspect.We tend to respect ...
  • Seven Seventy

    Boulvard Jamar 53

  • Fashionjewelryland

    Dorpstraat 4/A001

    Our website's name is fashion jewelry land. We offer best quality items at factory price. Here you can find natural designs. A style that looks freshest in the of today. This place where always flouring through you.Our products are from cebu philippines, but we based belgium. have variety buyers also send us what designs they ...
  • Gourmand SA

    Other, Belgium

    ~~Dear……………. I am happy and proud to present you Gourmand NV at Moeskroen, Belgium. Part of the large privately owned Belgian Dossche Group. Within my company responsible for our new business developments in mainly CIS, South-East Europe, Middle East African Continent. We are specialized frozen ...
  • Antiek Deknock


    The family business Deknock in Zedelgem, 10 min from the historic of Bruges, has been for many years an authority on antique building materials.Besides extensive range old fireplaces you will find doors, wallpaneling, wooden floorboards and stone floors to create a warm atmosphere your home.For authentic quality driven ...
  • CIW International

    Jeneverbeslaan 49 OVERPELT,

  • U.T Trading


  • Autoparts-Online *****

    Klein Ravels 25, Ravels, Antwerp, Belgium,2380

    We are dealing in used carparts like , doors hoods bumpers radiateurs startermotors Dynamosengines steering exhausts windshields and all the interieur parts from european cars 1995 till 2004We looking for partners that will build up a serius relation with us . ...
  • Pandaquila

    Van Craesbeeckstraat 36/3 Antwerp,

    We are a Belgian company working tightly with many Chinese manufacturers and representing them abroad China.We sell the following products:- Electronic products- Agriculture Machinery Textile Medicine Light Industry productsWe probably alone on whole net putting ex works prices for all of our products online in different ...
  • Heynderick

    Kooskampstraat, torhout, Belgium, Belgium,8820

    Export of all kind of office furniture like cupboards, wardrope cupboards, tables, chairs, special cabinet on drawing
  • Aquavite

    grand duc, bruxelles, bruxelles, Belgium,1040

    We are buyer and reseller in all kind of food, and soft drink, lemonade, coca, redbull, energy drink, *****
  • Copper Scra

    avenue bourse brussel, belgium

    ir, we are reputed supplier of copper scrap and have in stock available quantity at a very low competitive price. below the following detailsSpecificationscopper 99.95% 1.Copper wire 2.Copper wire,tube,plate,etc 3.High quality:99%Copper Scrap 99% High-quality cable with almost no impurities Single Crystal Copper Wire 1. ...
  • Houthandel Devreese

    Kortemarkstraat 17B

  • Aminolabs By Eurofood Belgium NV

    Research Campus 6, Hasselt, Belgium,3500

    Aminolabs provides ingredients worldwide, mainly amino acids, to the health food-, cosmeceutical- and pharmaceutical industry.We offer an overall approach:Premixing mixing Tabletting Coating Blistering Encapsulating Packing These activities are all done in-house. They part of our strategy offering flexible ...
  • I.T.C. Bvba

    wijngaardberg 13, B 2560 Nijlen, Other, Belgium

    Our company is specialised in handmade end finish of oak flooring boards; ageing; hardwaxoil; metalic oil; eco finish; aquacolour etc..
  • Oliverbassy

    av boulevard general jacques 54 brussels, Belgium

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  • Magesty NV

    The Olive Majesty is one of the few Greek Premium Extra Virgin Oils with international recognition for its superior taste, low acidity and innovating packaging.The Royal TreeExtra Oil Koroneiki trees has been ranked as world's first olive quality. oil gives fine, excellent aroma gourmet flavour.Greek culture ...
  • Louisthia

    kortrijkstraat 40 Antwerpen, antwerpe

    We provide useful research chemicals, plant food, bath crystal products, our products are found in powder, capsules and pills form