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  • De Locht Bvba

    Eindhovensebaan, Eksel, Limburg, Belgium,3941

    We are a Belgian company exporting Trucks, Trailers and heavy equipment throughout the world. We are looking forward to meet new clients worldwide to offer them at the best of our abilities used vehicles trucks trailers and heavy equipment.
  • Massive Export

    Uilenbaan, Wommelgem, Belgium,2160

    Like every modern company we are looking to expand our market true proffsional partnerships with traders and distributor
  • Synergie

    Gullegemsesteenweg 131 Bissegem,

    Dear Sir, We are a company in Belgium who trades precouis stones, gems and jewelry.We would like to get catalog with prices minimum amounts. Our adress : SYNERGIEGullegemsesteenweg 1318501 BissegemBelgium Tax id 0527 855 192 Thank you advance. Kind Regards, Ann Buyck ...
  • Happy BVBA

    Populierenlaan 31

  • Wegut Nv


  • Raki Tex

    Ninove, Bruxelles, Other, Belgium,1080

    RAki tex is seller company of used clothing , shoes , toys ,textile rags for recycling
  • Green Ideas Innovator

    BrusselsBrusselsav arbre ballon 32 / bte77


    geusenbacklaan, kalmthout, antwerpen, Belgium

    We are a Belgian company that produces hair care products which 100% natural, no chemical additives to our shampoo, oils, hairspray, volume lotion, essential wax, gel, shea butter, conditioner. Very satisfying results with allergies and sensitivities. The based on amino acids sugarderivatives. ...
  • Obale Group Ltd

    Coil Belgium Roosveld 7. B-3400 Landen Bruxelles, Bruxelle

    Thanks for the inquiry and interest you have in our top quality Wood Pellets with diameter 6mm-8mm we are ready willing to do long term business your company if only terms kept create stronger tights between us both .We sales of pellets at affordable prices as seen below . Offering exclusive Our monthly capacity exceed 1 .000tons Per ...
  • Keiser Product

    Ezenhoek 33 Berlaar ,

    Dear sirs,Ni hao to you.We are importers of bird pet cages and billiard tables here in Belgium. We would like expand our business import Scooters as well.We looking for 50 cc gas scooters with ec- certificate, if you can supply this type scooters, please sent me pictures technical information fob prices well loading port.Thank ...
  • Flament NV

    KLeine Veldstraat 24F Staden,

    Hello,We are belgian Wholesale company.Can you make me an offer for several trucks pini kay 8kg like my product in attachement?Delivery : B-8840 STADEN BELGIUM

    hasseltweg 400

    Our company is wholesale unic distributeur of ADS Cosmetics brand for all products nail,cosmetics,multifunction face aparature,nail table,gel uv ads,builder gel,rose gel,clear gel,nail form,cutter,brushWe are the producers very know kit nails KIT FRENCH GEL.we sell profesional cosmetica and manicure,gel acrylic ...
  • LunaMara


  • Alia Spd

    avenue de lille

  • Sadisso

    Avenue Louise 500 / 5


    Hasseltweg 305  Genk, Limburg

    We are a manufacture of a unique ANTI CAR JACKING SYSTEM and we are looking for distributors worldwide. JACK-IT is unique and very efficient.
  • Coprabel

    avenue vesale 20

    COPRABEL S.A. is also in charge for the marketing and export of reputed manufacturers Raw Materials Paint, Adhesive, Plastic Detergent Industry.In addition, has capacity to offer other advantages such as cession production licenses according advanced technical know-how support.The expansive policy targeted obtain new ...
  • Creating Lifestyles Grou

    De Dammenlaan 188/3 Dendermonde,

    The "Creating Lifestyles Group" is a team of dedicated, business minded people who teach others the "principles" creating good lifestyle !We are distributors with Goldshield International, US based company. As company, Elite has not been content to just provide ingredients in combination that looks impressive on label. We ...
  • De Groot, Van Nes & Co-Flax-Nv

    Leuzestraat 101

    De Groot, van Nes & Co-flax-NV, located in the heart of Flanders Belgium, is active Flax-branch since more than 73 years, producing, exporting and importing all kind qualities flax fibres for spinning yarns, being used a wide variety fabrics, such as household linen, clothing industry / fashion, etc.We are able to offer your est. ...
  • Belrail

    Brugsesteenweg, Wenduine, Belgium,8420

    Dear Sirs, We are a new company in Belgium and we sell used an new railway material.We have used oak and Azobe sleepers for sale. We sell used and new rails, bolts and plates for railway tracks.
  • Kumari CV

    Duffelsesteenweg, Sint Katlijne Waver, Other, Belgium,2860

    Nepal Made originated in Kathmandu, 1996, and expanded its operation Belgium 2001. The Companys aim is to work a sustainable way. company provides jobs for unemployed skilled men women Nepal. continuously making original clothing, bags other products own factory Kathmandu. All made fair trade way.The attractive garments are ...
  • Domo Indus SPRL

    Rue de la Pepiniere 4b Binche, Hainaut

    We search new security products for Europe. We have a lot big consumers : banks , schools , casinos since 1989 .
  • Koolchems Sarl

    AG KATTENDIJKDOK WESTKAAI  antwerp, antwerpe

    koolchem sarl specializes in the supply of pharmaceutical intermediates. if you are interested to purchase wholesale pharmaceutical intermediates, koolchem sarl services is here to satisfy your desires. please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry. thank
  • United Chocolate

    Industrieweg 7 Balen, Antwer

    Mendiants, chocolate disc with all kind of toppings, nuts and raisins, in private label and own labels.

    Vaartstraat 182

    COGEPA BELGIUM OFFER YOU since 1931:- Direct Stock Sales of Coated papers in reel and sheets- Converted into required specifications just time- 3rd party converting for the European market (with own warehouse facilities) Also special emergency delivery service available.Ask you enquiry now!Cogepa is also always to buy ...