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  • Uruglobal

    Bvar. Artigas 974/901

    We are a new, small but growing enterprise in Uruguay, Southamerica. Trade is our main bussines and we are looking for new and interesting oportunitties. If you want to know more about us, please contact URUGLOBAL.

    Garzon 545 Artigas, Artiga

    We are pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading exporting company in Uruguay, dealing minerals. Now, we can supply different minerals from our country. dedicated extraction Agates, Carnelian, Citrine and Amethyst city Artigas, South America. It is purpose begin a good commercial relationship with you. ...
  • Norben Ltda.

    Marco Aurelio 4045, Montevideo, Uruguay-South America, Uruguay,11400

    Norben Ltda. was stablished in 1987 as a seafood procesor, importer and distributor working for the domestic market. Norben Ltda. owns a salmon smoking plant and counts on HCCP system. We also are wholesellers of fish products buying from selected companies.
  • Innova Industria

    Ruta 67 esq. Elias Regules Las Piedras, Canelone

    We trade in food additives and consumer products. Please check our website for more data. Thanks for your interest.
  • Ayamo Global Food

    Juncal 1408/503 Montevideo, Montevideo

    We're foodstuffs traders specialized in seafood.Our HQ is located Uruguay whilst our operations are coordinated from Brazilian office, alongside branches India, China and Vietnam which provide assistance for sourcing, quality checking, etc.We're engaged into worldwide trading, especially the African, ...
  • Patagon Trade

    Pasaje guaruya

  • Edugame

    Antonio Machado 8080

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    Trademark registration: Registration of a trademark will give the owner right to prevent third parties from using his / her registered trademark, or deceptively similar mark, without consent for goods services which it is services. ServicesWhilst search not obligatory, certainly advisable and anecessity if mark be used prior ...
  • Aromaco

    maldonado 990, montevideo, uruguay, Uruguay,11100

    We are a flavoring and escences company ,elaborating powder foods for humam and pet consumption.We elaborate innovative pet produtcs under your own brand. We are always looking for new clients.
  • Trucha Importer

    P.O. Box 6227, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Uruguay,88006

    Trucha Importers specializes in gourmet spices including 100% Iranian saffron, New Mexico red chile and mesquite smoked chipotle chile. We ship worldwide with shipping costs included in our low prices depending on the quantity of our fine products ordered.
  • Celia Firpo

    De Los Pinos M-7 S-5

  • Estrellamar S.R.L.

  • Galiza Trading

    Dr. E. Regules 5946, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay,11500

    If you can't find a product, Galiza Trading is the right company to solve your problem. We'll find it.
  • Mitmir S.A

    Juncal 1355 5-506

    We provide soybean grade Non GMO certified to the world. There cames from Brasil, Argentina.


    we are a distributing company from Uruguay wih excelent contact with supermarkets and wholesalers.We are importing from Argentina and Brazil our principal brands.
  • Piedrasprecious Ltd

    812, Libertad  Artigas, Artiga

    Rough agate direct from Mine, good quality, nice shape and sizeWe also have brazil agate to sell.Please contact us for more detail
  • Corsage

    Calle 18 Galeria Portofino Local 10 Atlantida, Canelone

    We are a company from Uruguay. Have 2 business, one is tha air conditioners ant other the clothing. We are locking for quality and good prices.


    We are one of the most biggest constructor company in Uruguay.Looking for qualified suppliers around the world.
  • Uruguay Trade-Belnor S.a.

    25 de mayo 313 of 629, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay,11000

    We represent an uruguayan company to develop international market to his catgut productsWe are looking for importers in USA and Europe

    Antonino Reyes


    AMARO F. RAMOS 392, ARTIGAS, ARTIGAS, Uruguay,55000

    We are dedicated in the sale of the spectacular stones of the deposits (mines) of our city Artigas - Uruguay
  • Orlando Cordobez


    Fresh and Frozen Meat products, By Products 
  • Fimix S.R.L.

    Ellauri 570 Montevideo, Montevideo

    FIMIX is an Independent Investment Advisor specializing in commodity markets.Complying with all current regulations , registered under that figure frontthe Central Bank of Uruguay ensuring transparency and seriousness their accomplishments .It a young company formed by team extensive experience production andfood ...
  • Saderil

    26 de marzo 3544 Montevideo, Montevideo

    Cacao from Venezuela. Trinitario and Criollo. The best cacao in the world. Very good quality.We also have Cacao liquor and cacao powder.
  • Carlevar & Asoc. Ltda

    Belastiqui 1386, Montevideo, Uruguay,11400

    We work as agents with many years of experiance and have customers in most South Amercan Countries. We are specialized in all kind of foodstuff