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  • Ecoplant Co., Ltd

    ambuu, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Mongolia

    Company's main activity is the cultivation and exporting of useful plants such us ephedra sinica), licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis), astragalus (astragalus mongolicus) etc. used mainly for medicinal uses. Now we are planning to build processing producing ephedrine HCl glycyrrhizic acid extract. For this purpose inviting ...
  • Master Business Co., Ltd.

    Bayanzurkh duureg 13 horoolol Ulaanbaatar,

    The Master Business Co., Ltd is one of the leading importer of cosmetics in Mongolia. We supply cosmetic perfumes of Lancome, Christian Dior and Boss in Mongolian market.
  • Gantulga Impex Co.,Ltd

    Khan uul , 3 th khoroo  Ulaanbaatar, Tuv

    I'm writing behalf of Gantulga Impex LLC which is sub company LUX group.Its doing all import and export . Lux group was established in 2000. have several such as:Lux cashmere ,PPTV channel, Luxury Restaurant, construction, GanTulga impex DEN Atargobi. These companies been successfully running their business ...
  • Khaan Temuulel

    #1012 romm ,government bldg XI, ulaanbaatr,

    The story of the company begins from 1993 and was named ?Temuulel?by general director Boldbaatar Dorj. In that time only business manufacture beverage according to permission produce for 10 years then started operate grocery store sewing factory. Later since March 16, 1997 activity broadened running TOURISM renamed as ?ING ...
  • Chinzorig & Co

    34 ukaa ukluu, ubaalaakar

    ask me later^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • Everyday Co.,Ltd

    Enkhtaiwan street Ulaanbaatar, UB

    Bridge group is established in 1991. Everyday is our trading company and now it has 4 supermarket. We import a lots of product from many countries. We exporting Meat and other related raw materials.
  • AB Partner

    Amgalanbaatar-28, 8-r horoo

  • Sotsma LLC

    Bayanzurkh District, 1st khoro, 38-12, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    We are Sotsma LLC based in Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia. member of since June, 2011. Our business is related to Textile & Leather Products industry and we specifically deal Dehaired washed cashmere. Please find our product details below:Intermediary services for raw cashmere buyersIntermediary buyers from Mongolian ...
  • Hosjoloo

    Songino hairhan district, zuun salaa, Hosjoloo Co.,ltd Ulaanbaatar,

    This is Hosjoloo Co.,ltd. Our company has running service of driving study for 2 years. We need some used cars our developing. wish to inrease numbers study. I 5 pcs Accent 1998, 4 Sonata II. If you want supply these cars, please reply soonly. ...
  • Oyut Bel LLC

    Other, Mongolia

    Oyut Bel LLC owns perlite deposit license in Tsagaandelger soum,Dund gobi province, Mongolia. Its resource is roughly 18 milliontons. We are looking for long term cooperation. 
  • KHUM Co Ltd

    Urt Tsagaan, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Mongolia,123

    Dear Sir/Madam,My name is Altangerel P.We have a Tannery in Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia .Sheepskin manufactured here and we as End-Product:Wet-Blue.Mongolia has great source of sheepskin.Now, would like to export our end-product (wet- blue) your country article.Our wet-blue high quality the price cheap.We are ready send sample, ...

    district Chingeltei Ulaanbaatar, Chingeltei

    Our company establishid 1985,named"Batbaigal"managing food service mainly producing Cake and pastry industry.In every annual Batbaigal company hold shoosed "Selected company"of Mongolia.
  • BurdenGobi LLC

  • Inter Adventure Tours LLC

    Bayangol District, Railway Station Ulaanbaatar,

    Our company is the travel trade, construction and service company, established in 1998. We are purchasing Used vehicles from Korea as mini vans, cars jeeps, Heavy machinery to use for work mining demanded our own use. Also we going open shopping point sell cosmetic goods women so seeking Korean Cosmetic companies who interested ...
  • Khujiin Gal Construction Co., Ltd

    Bayanzurkh Disrict, 6-r khoroo, K2 BLD Ulaanbaatar,

    Dear Sir or Madam First of all, we wish you the best warmest regards to behalf KHUJIIN GAL CONSRUCTION Co., Ltd. We would like introduce ourselves as a Mongolian importer.Our company was established in 1996. have been constructing buildings, manufacturing wooden materials, shops household and building material since our ...
  • Legendary Mongolia LLC

    Undsen huuli, Ulaanbaatar,00976

  • Uurteel Co.,ltd

    teeverchin 22 ulaanbaatar,

    elling any steel and iron and rebars also prefabrication construction rebars.then we have transporter company and logistic company
  • Medmongol

    Bayanzurh 5th hoeoo 15th horoolol Medmongol Building Ulaanbaatar, capital city

    Our company supplying medical equipments in Mongolian hospitals,non government organizations. Also we supervising and doing services, traning our Mongolian Medical workers, participated in tender
  • NinjNavag

    1st Microdistrict

  • Miracle Life Co.,Ltd

    P.O.Box #124 Ulaanbaatar,

    Dear Sir/Madam,I am pleased to introduce our products you.We are a wholesaler of variety fashionable costume jewelries including necklaces, earrings, belly rings, bracelets, hair clips and jewelry set.The advantages company you could benefit from doingbusiness with us over most the other similar companies onsupplying ...
  • Chongin Heater Co.,Ltd

    Peace Avenue

  • Ttk Co.,Ltd

    SB District, 7-r xopoolol, 22-r bair 20 toot,  Ulaanbaatar, Central

    We are searching any companies which can offer a reasonable price for electrical products in Mongolian market.
  • Chumu Co.,Ltd

    #108, SB district Ulaanbaatar,

    We are looking for CDMA2000 1X 450mhz mobile phones with features MP3,MP4, Camera, FM, T-flash, ... etc.If your esteem company have any model of it, pls feel contact us as soon as you can. We can make order weekly if your price is comptitive and the phones are good quality.
  • Ochir-Undraa Blast-Tech

    301 Rokmon Building, Baruun durvun zam street Ulanbator, Ulanbator

    We are one of the biggest business group companies Mongolia � Ochir Undraa Group LLC (see our website The company is listed top 100 for last consecutive 4 year 2002-2005. provide and supply heavy machinery spare parts to Mongolian mining energy sectors. commonly deal with Caterpillar Komatsu new, used or ...