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  • Delta Foods Co., Ltd

    Khan Uul Duureg Tsagaan Haalganii Baruun Urd Tald, Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia

    We take pleasure to introduce Delta Foods Co., ltd as an Ulaanbaatar based Mongolian importer engaged in variety of foodstuff products. . If you are interested in doing business with us we always welcome.
  • Association To Support Mongolian Inventors Activitie

    Sukhbaatar duureg, 10r horoo, 7r horoolol, 16/11 Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar

    Dear Buyer,We can supply camp yurts with high quality competitve lowest prices. Our made by ecological and healthy materials(100% wood, sheep woollen felt, fabric). If you are interesting the we will send e-brocure that included size, specifications, prices, delivery, shipping, how to assembling etc email inbox. Feel free ...
  • Black White Horse LLC


    )ur company name is BLACK WHITE HORSE LLC and we worked foriegn trde, construction and construction repair service
  • BJG Co., Ltd

    SKH District 13 Khoroo Ulaanbaatar,

    BJG Co., Ltd was founded in 1998.We have one of the biggest clothing factory Mongolia. We export to countries like USA, Germany, China, Russia.We would purchase sewing machines and button attaching for further expansion reconstruction our factory.Thus, please send us your offers along with price lists. are eager do business ...
  • Shijir Altan Ord

    Baga toiruu 49, Ulaanbaatar, mn, Mongolia,2111

    We are selling high quality flourspar in worldwide. We are selling high quality flourspar in worldwide. We are selling high quality flourspar in worldwide.
  • Ugeemer Govi Co., Ltd

    Bayangol duureg 3 horoolol Enebishiin gudamj Ulaanbaatar,

    We are in great pleasure to send you brief information of Ugeemer Govi Company. The company is established in 1993 and it manages manufacturer of agricultural products.
  • Argabileg Trade Co., Ltd

    Khan Uul Duureg 3-khoroo 19-18 Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar

    We are very pleased to introduce ourselves. Since we were founded in 2001, we have been managing activity in foreign and domestic trade We are looking for wholesalers and manufacturers of clothes.
  • Debetmongol, Co, Ltd.

    Amar street, State Cultural Palace Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Our company exports ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, non-ferrous metals. Also we trade with machineries. We want to buy brick processing machine.
  • Yermag CoLtd

    Factory street-44, Ulaanbaatar, Khan-Uul, Mongolia

    Our company engaged in processing leather and exportingsemi-processed sheep and goat skins, cattle hides /wet blue,pickled skin and hide/ .Origin of skins: Mongolia We export to Italy and China. 
  • Byatskhan Ineemseglel

    Khan-Uul distr,Hurd hothon 21-1, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Our company is specializing in wholesale of dental products, local anesthetics for dental use.We are looking to co-operate with South Korean company which has an export lisence, all certificates, exporting in last 3 years to at least 3 countries.
  • Mnglnom

    4th khoroolol

  • TSEs Co.Ltd

    ukhbaatar district, 16th khoroo, 6-112 Ulaanbaatar,

    Application development is the connecting bridge that enables an idea to complete journey from conception reality. as much about technology it formulating business processes and refining them. Quality application touchstone of identifying established mature software company. Developing quality applications has shaped ...
  • Superlative Trade LLC

    Other, Mongolia

    Superlative Trade LLC is a Mongolia based company with itsoperative office in Ulaanbaatar high localreputation.Superlative involved Manufacturing,Foreign and Service. The employs committedproffessionals skilled craftsmen who expertly manage thecompany\'s wide range of activities provide the best qualityand value ...
  • Ok Inc Co., Ltd

    Peace Avenue Ulaanbaatar,

    Dear Sir, We are a company that runs our operation in the field of business consulting and trade, we work as bridge to connect domestic companies or organizations with foriegn partners. very experienced this anyone who is interested working us Mongolia want find some information abour can contact without any hesitation. If you ...
  • Lux Solution

    Ih Mongol Ulsiin Gudamj Encanto town 306-32

  • Beren Co., Ltd.

    Bayanzurkh duureg 13 horoolol Central Avenue Ulaanbaatar,

    Beren Co., Ltd was established in 1996 with 2 investors. We cause to work 8 retailing shop with 148 employees. We are mainly interested in garments of eastern model. It may be our best image.
  • Uujim Khangai Joint Stock Company

    Darkhan Uil aimag Darkhan sum Darkhan,

    Uujim Khangai Joint Stock companyFirst of all, we wish success to your business and greet from company.Our company is established in 1996s. It was registered 1996 officially.Therefore, our has been located second city Mongolia Darkhan City.Our deals foreign domestic trade country. Therefore, have farming field, flourmill ...
  • TTSB Co.,Ltd

    United Nation's street 4-12, Ulaanbaatar 210646A Ulaanbaatar, Capital

    Our company is a trader, in Mongolia. We are import cars, trucks, buses, heavy machinery from Korea.
  • Ulaanbaatar BUK

    Bayan gol duureg 4 horoo Ulaanbaatar,

    Since established in 1979, Ulaanbaatar BUK Co., Ltd. has been growing rapidly and continuously. Recently we are interested in home universal security system, which can protect from all of the accident.
  • Agroali

    timyriyazeva, Kazakhstan, Other, Mongolia


    4th horoolol

    WE - DESIGN CONSULT PRODUCE SHIP AND BUY BACK THE UNSOLD!Thank you for your interest in our company. Although we are not a huge company, strive to deliver excellent quality products and attention detail. We provide both OEM in-stock-item service. If there is product(s) would like discuss about please feel free drop us line. hope ...
  • Tavan And Co.,Ltd

    Chingeltei district Ulaanbaatar,

    Dear Partners from all over the worldWe are greeting "Tavan And"Co.,Ltd of Mongolia.Our company was established in 2001 with purpose foreign trade and agricultural activity.We have began processing selling meat products Mongolia since its foundation.We plenty experience on product process,especially meat.Thus we want to ...
  • Greengobi Society

    , ulaanbaatar, bz dis. 22 3, Mongolia,210322

    greengobi society of mongolia stablished 2005 , non government non profit . activity in education, save inviornment area.
  • Med Mongol Co.,Ltd

    Sukhbaatar district, 7th khoroo,11th khoroolol Ulaanbaatar,

    We are so pleasure to introduce you our company. Med Mongol Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 and involve an activity on field of medical sector, specialized medical equipment in Mongolia. We have supplied many items of medical equipments to Mongolian state and private hospitals.
  • Silver Pencil Trade

    BGL Dist 16th khoroo Tuuliin 11-217 Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar

    We want to sell minerals like molybdenium,molybdenium oxide,nickel wire,blak toumaline,coal and field spar