Mongolia Company List

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  • Ayanga Pharm Trade LTD

    Bayangol District Ulaanbaatar, Ulaanbaatar

    Our company Ayangapharm Trade LLC that has been in business importing and supplying of medical equipments medicines from 2013. We working with manufacturers, medicine suppliers closely ?Crasspharm? Russia. Now we are also WAYSON China. ...
  • Altanduulga Co., Ltd


    Since 1991, we export the finest quality blueberry grwon innorthern taiga of Mongolia. Each of our frozen blueberry bag ishandpicked, closely inspected and packed  under the sameroof.- the only way to ensure total quality control.  
  • JAB Capital

    Bayanmongol khoroolol, Ulaanbaatar, UB, Mongolia,BZ26

    Private Equity Fund with offices in Mongolia, Myanmar, Indoneasia,Switzerland, headquartered in London UK. Key areas investment inlocal firms and Companies, export of minerals & metals.

    Seaberry Farm Products LLC: is manufacturer of a unique range products featuring Mongolia's "Superfruit" seabuckthorn. Grown in Mongolia under the purest conditions, seabuckthorn provides numerous benefits for beauty and health. Astonishing rejuvenating properties replenishes, soothes heals ageing ...
  • Unique Tour Co., Ltd

    Baga Toiruu, Shine Erin #412 Ulaanbaatar,

    Unique Travel Co.,Ltd is a travel company in Mongolia. We would like to inbound tourists from overseas, who are interested visit our country. establish realtions with overaseas agencies. offer tours countryside, horse and camel riding, icefishing (especially taimens), hunting gazelles, wolves, foxes, wilds birds etc. Our ...
  • "Shining Sphene" LLC

    Khan-Uul district, 3rd khoroo, Chinggis Avenue 150-3 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    We, “Shining Sphene”, Mongolian foreign and domestic trade company, would like to introduce our company express interest in cooperating all kinds of sectors.We are situated 3.5km far from the capital Mongolia. We have:- Own office building- railway (to import goods or load wagons export)- Warehouse - Empty land (where can ...
  • Susan.coltd

    chingess avenue

  • Gun Trade

    Peace avenue,Genden street-564 Ulaanbaatar,

    Our company is a Mongolian trading company, which imports various kinds of industrial machineries,technical products and computers also cosmetical to market.Mongolia pure buyer above every year this demand increases in our country.We're trying extend activity international trade. ...

    Usnii street - 1

  • Lkhagvasuren


    Industrial region

    Darkhan Nekhii JSC, one of the leading companies in the sector, is well known among the customers by the name of Sheepskin products of Darkhan and manufactures double-faced skin products for domestic and foreign markets. Sheepskin tannery was established in 1972
  • Tsombonkhure

    20-01 3rd horoo CHD

  • Mongolian Metal Exchange

    Enkhtaiwan str 30/16, Ub, Mongolia

    We are Mongolian Metal Exchange based in Ub , Mongolia. member of since August, 2011. Our business is related to Minerals & Metallurgy industry and we specifically deal coking coal. Please find our product details below:coking coalcoking coal for sell from mongolia it ready china- mongolian board nariinsuhait can ...
  • Amintsetseg Co., Ltd

    Peace street, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    We are Amintsetseg Co., ltd based in Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia. member of since January, 2009. Our business is related to Minerals & Metallurgy industry and we specifically deal flourspar. Please find our product details below:Selling floursparWe now can supply flourspar lump at 75 - 92% for exporting oversea.We ...
  • Zoos Mine Co Ltd.

    Baga Toiruu

    Our company was established in 1999. Since that time we have involved number projects around the country and good relationship with of mining companies region. We are happy to establish some serious contacts world hope our future business will be fruitfull for both sides. ...

    Altai 10 / 60 Street

  • B2B Agency

    #515, STU Bldg., Amar-8, Sukhbaatar Ulaanbaatar,

    We are Mongolian Private B2B Agency interesting for your product. Many company, who do not know Korean or English language offering us to contact and establish business relationship with Foreign countries. On this time we have many reservation from local companies. And looking contact. ...
  • Leader Cashmere


    Our company established in 2000. We produce all kind of wool inMongolia.
  • Ecoplant Co., Ltd

    ambuu, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Mongolia

    Company's main activity is the cultivation and exporting of useful plants such us ephedra sinica), licorice (glycyrrhiza uralensis), astragalus (astragalus mongolicus) etc. used mainly for medicinal uses. Now we are planning to build processing producing ephedrine HCl glycyrrhizic acid extract. For this purpose inviting ...
  • Master Business Co., Ltd.

    Bayanzurkh duureg 13 horoolol Ulaanbaatar,

    The Master Business Co., Ltd is one of the leading importer of cosmetics in Mongolia. We supply cosmetic perfumes of Lancome, Christian Dior and Boss in Mongolian market.
  • Gantulga Impex Co.,Ltd

    Khan uul , 3 th khoroo  Ulaanbaatar, Tuv

    I'm writing behalf of Gantulga Impex LLC which is sub company LUX group.Its doing all import and export . Lux group was established in 2000. have several such as:Lux cashmere ,PPTV channel, Luxury Restaurant, construction, GanTulga impex DEN Atargobi. These companies been successfully running their business ...
  • Khaan Temuulel

    #1012 romm ,government bldg XI, ulaanbaatr,

    The story of the company begins from 1993 and was named ?Temuulel?by general director Boldbaatar Dorj. In that time only business manufacture beverage according to permission produce for 10 years then started operate grocery store sewing factory. Later since March 16, 1997 activity broadened running TOURISM renamed as ?ING ...
  • Chinzorig & Co

    34 ukaa ukluu, ubaalaakar

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  • Everyday Co.,Ltd

    Enkhtaiwan street Ulaanbaatar, UB

    Bridge group is established in 1991. Everyday is our trading company and now it has 4 supermarket. We import a lots of product from many countries. We exporting Meat and other related raw materials.