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  • Jinpoong Food Co., Ltd.

    3F 169-96, Yakdae-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

    Jinpoong Food Co., Ltd. specializes production, distribution and export of seasoned, toasted laver using high quality raw materials procured at clean zone southern western sea Korean peninsula. Since its foundation in 1998 under the slogan "safe food safe life" we, family has been pouring utmost endeavor to become top runner ...
  • Sung Won Precision Machine

    #1-220, ganseok3dong Namdong-gu, Incheo

    Sung Won Precision Machine Inc. is a manufacturing company of precise industrial spring for electricity, lectronics, machinery, automobile and others equipped with modern equipment, professionals inspection equipment. has continued to thrive the last 19 years unremitting effort your support will keep hriving providing ...
  • Daesan Trading Corporatio

    Room No 420 Daehaw Buildging 413-1 Changan-dong Tong Dae Mu-Gu, Seoul

  • Dawootextile

    409-1 susan-re seolseong-myun ichon-city, Gyeonggi-do

    Dawoo textile was established in 2000 offering a poly propylene multifilament high tenacity yarn.We have been expanding through investments extension of production capacity,improving quality controls, variety items since we started. That has led to us being one the leding company korea producing this type thread.We at make ...
  • Haiin Bang

    93-35, Suseong1-ga,  Suseong-gu, , Daegu

    Hello. Thank you for your visiting our website.Hai In Bang is manufacturing accessories using precious jewelries, like gold, silver.And also we are designing Character items and making them with high sensibility precisions. We bet will be satisfied products.If want more information, don't hesitate to contact us. you. ...
  • Seoul City Gas Co.,Ltd.

    281 Yeumchang-Dong kangsuh-Ku, Seoul

  • Korea National Electronics Co., Ltd.

    412, Chongchon-Dong Pupyong-Gu, Incheo

    Korea National Electric Co., Ltd (KNE) was established in 1975 as an appliated company of anam group for the production light emitting diode(LED) and remote controller. The Co.,ltd promise with continuous never ending improvement no level deffect will be acceptable everyone is involved quality. With us quality not just a word or ...
  • Hanil U.S.G Co., Ltd.

    974 Goyang-Ri, Wolgot-Myu

    Established in 1995, R& D based Hanil U. S. G. Is growing and vibrant company, the principals which have previous experience chemical engineering glove making industry over 20 yearsCompany work covers developing1) raw materials such as Antistatic PU coating agent, Waterborne Acrylic materials, resin including Polyurethane ...
  • B&B Golf Co., Ltd.

    #801 BLDG E9.HakYeonsan, 52, Naesudong-ro, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si,, Chungcheongbuk-do

    Create excitement for children's golf- Junior item and golfer?s dream ?Nice Shot? - Early education is important also exercises hobbies.- SDR GOLF a product children to learn golf naturally. Children at three years of age can play with safe club ball. We will work hard create develop skill by providing them opportunities ...
  • Green Pia

    #704, Samchang-praza 173, Dohwa2-dong,  Mapo-gu, , Seoul

    Despite your desire to maintain clean and clear skin, it is very difficult protect skin from damage harmful elements.Furthermore, luminous that beautifully glows the first quality of attractiveness.Greenpia takes care keeps beautiful healthy.Greenpia has received scientific recognition for its yellow earth-based ...

    603 Seonggok-dong, Danwon-gu Ansan City, Gyeonggi-do

    POSCO AST is a subsidiary of Group(Global Top steel manufacturer).We have provided various cold rolled stainless strips for about 40 years. Especially, we specialize in " Precision Stainless Steel Strips and Nickel Alloy" which can be applied to products such as Razor Blade, Injection Needle, Damper Plate Hard Disc Driver, ...
  • Unikor International Corp.

    Rm. 3001, 30th Fl., Korea World Trade Center, 159-1, Samsung-dong Kangnam-ku, Seoul

    We, Unikor International Corporation, are one of the well-established companies all kinds following products in Korea.- Filters(Air, Oil & Fuel), Clutches(incl. Reman, Special Racing), Gaskets Automobiles Vehicles from light cars to heavy trucks made Korea, Japan, U.S.A., Europe Other.- Dual Purpose Cooling Heating ...
  • Twoone International

    Sangdaewon-1 dong 1713-1 jungwon-gu,Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

    We twoone international, have been doing our best to support of good quality shoes for based on innovative technology.Our made method the traditional hand in korea.We product using leather and material, add high technology korea. hard try differentiation, then we patented.Our speciality item is multy function shoes(hidden ...
  • Infochems Inc.

    1165 Gonghangdong

    We are the sales office of magnesium oxide from posrec co. Ltd in Korea. Posrec, one major affiliates posco, is a leading manufacturer refractories and construction maintenance company for industrial furnaces as well specialized environmental business. Since its establishment 1963, has been totally undeveloped domestic ...
  • Dae Sung Measuring Co.,Ltd.

    656-216, SUNGSU1GA-2DONG SUNGDONG-GU, Seoul

    Daesung Measuring Co.,Ltd. Is worldwide Provider of Gas Meters and equipments. Founded in 1987, we have steadily grown Energy equipment business while doing our part the development technology services for this sectors to promote welfare customers.We been concentrating best efforts new products value customers by providing ...
  • Mirr Co., Ltd.

    752-1 Janghang-dong #1214 Ilsan-gu, Goyang city , Gyeonggi-do

    Mirr Co., Ltd. is a new established trading company in Korea.
  • Daeho Fabric Inc.

    #677 ugeri, sangdong-myun Kimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do

    TradeVerify We are leading a company in korea. specialize blanket such as acrylic mink blanket. sell many to worldwide, USA, South America, Middle East Asia, etc. managed our item for about 10years. If you have chance business relationship, assure quality and price. ...
  • Kornic System Co., Ltd.

    605, Jung-ri, Dongtan-myeon, Hwaseong-si,, Gyeonggi-do

    Hello, everyone, It is already 10 years since Kornic Systems Corporation was founded from ETRI for the development of semiconductor equipment. We have overcome a number obstacles and barriers to become true model venture company that based on technology. Owing your encouragement advices, owing efforts all members, now we came ...
  • Sang Pung Co.,Ltd

    Yongho-ri385, Gwangdo-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea  Yongho-ri385, Gwangdo-myeon, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea , 경상 남도

    "Tongyeong is very famous place for Oyster farming area in Korea, and we, Sang Pung Plant Co., Ltd., have the largest factory this with equipped mass production system including IQP refrigeration Quick dryer to catch supply customers' inquiry on time.We own 27hectare farm, export business Japan Hongkong.* Our product ...
  • JF World Tech Co,.Ltd

  • Unicus Corporatio

    Daewon Office 201, 127-19, Gamjeon-dong Sasang-gu, Busa

    In 1997, Unicus Corporation was established company, which manufactures and distributes high quality Beauty & Healthcare products in the spirit of partnership passion for best quality. We can design, manufacture develop skincare cosmetics various facial mask packs international markets top-quality, competitive pricing ...
  • Clean System Korea Co., Ltd.

    415, Geumeo-ri, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si,, Gyeonggi-do

    Clean Systems Korea was established in 1997, with the passion for challenge and development Semiconductor Industry.This year is 10th anniversary of establishment CSK we would like to give our deepest appreciation all your support care.Clean will not only provide customers best products service, but also show steady increase ...
  • DAU Metal Co., Ltd.

    333, Hwasan-ri, Onsan-eup Ulju-gun, Ulsa

    With the ever greater interest in environmental issues, DAU Metal is taking lead prevention of pollution by recycling waste materials. We are first company Korea to have built a rare metal recovery factory which catalysts from refineries and petrochemical factories used make other products. Furthermore, producing additives ...
  • Gudel Lineartec Inc.

    11-22, Songdo-dong Yeonsu-gu, Incheo

    Welcome ! Welcome to our e-catalog home.Here you can find information about our products. You can also send us inquiries and post comments about our company and products. We hope you enjoy your visit.
  • Segye Ind.Co.,Ltd


    We are manufaturer in South Korea which have experience developingmany function shoes outsole since we operating mold company also. With many years of developing molding, had establishedSe Gye Ind. Co., Ltd 2006 and launched our most improved shoesSHOEZEN coped with faulty aspect other ourexperience. (2005, best patent ...