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  • Neo Energy Company, Limited

    Rm #1401, Jongro Officetel, 58-1, Nakwon-Dong, Jongro-Goo, Seoul

    Export of Thermostatic Valves and Snow Ice Maker
  • Sunjin Development Co., Ltd.

    60-23, Oro-ri, Goa-eup,  Gumi-si,, Gyeongsangbuk-do

    Thank you for visiting our home page. I am Hwang Se-Won, the representative of Sunjin Development Co., Ltd. very grateful your warm hearted care and unchanged support that enabled us to grow continuously last 20 years since establishment in 1986. Looking back, it has been some keep proceeding with a single goal. For these years, we ...
  • Asian Ceratec Corporation

    192-1,Sangpyeong-dong ,Jinju-si

  • Daewoon Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    33-5,Wonmi-dong, Wonmi-gu,Bucheon-city,, Gyeonggi-do

    Our company is a small and middle company.And a manufacturer.We are located bucheon city of Korea.We are produce precision spare parts and steel case,and Tong,Coil Lifter.We hope that your a good parter.

    Dukyang P.O.Box. 566 Goyang-city, Gyeonggi-do

    Welcome to Anyprint, a worldwide qualified print partner.Anyprint provides printing results at the cheapest price and has already got good reputation among international customers. Please contact right now make sure pull ahead your business with excellent materials. ...
  • Woolim DNC Ltd

    Banseok BLDG 201, 805-1 Kurodong Kurogu Seoul,

    We are going to import the corn oil by can size of 18 litter from China, USA, Australia and so on.Regarding oil, it should be refined not crude.From first sincere business account after any kind procedure price negociation our receiving sample goods,it would possible place regular order for that item or goods 1 container(20 FT) per ...
  • Uniquedeco

    191, Jeungga-ro Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    Uniquedeco is specialized in fabric goods. All the products are 100% handmade and you can find superior quality exclusively produced at Unique home?s factory.Here information about our products. You also send us inquiries post comments company We hope enjoy your visit. ...
  • Penta-Five Co.,Ltd

    #1576-3, Shinlim-Dong Kwanak-Gu, Seoul

    TradeVerify We are manufactures of sports bags- tote bag, school bag,leisure bag, mini bag, etc in Philipines.In Korea, We are deal with all trade.Capacity: 50,000pcs/per month
  • Unlimitness Co.,Ltd

    hindorimdong 418-3 Gurogu, Seoul

    our company produce home computer case with high quality and design. special order is possible. and special designs is possible.
  • Yourim Co., Ltd.

    884-34 Songhak-ri, Gasan-myeon Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do

    Yourim Co., Ltd. produce motorcycles. Our products are of the highest quality and we are striving to develop an environment-friendly electric vehicles using special motor-applied technology.

    삼동 192-327 의왕시, Gyeonggi-do

  • Clkorea

    2F,1006-7,Sadang-Dong,Dongjag-Gu Seoul, Seoul

    Color toner has a consistent size distribution based on average particle diameter of 1um and is the powder that very high flow-ability. The main components are Resin, Magnetite, Charge Control Agent, Pigment Wax, etc while color, electrical charge thermal characteristics get changed followed by change these ...
  • Hwashin Industry Co

    451-32,bang bae 2 dong,seo cho ku 451-32,seo cho ku,, Seoul

    we are a maufactuer and exporter of industrial sewing machine. 1.automatic eyeletting machine 2.strap cutting 3.buffing 4.high speed bed,union feed lock stitich 5.leather shoe automatic 6.parts for making & regards/mr.b.y.chang ...
  • SAMILAUTO Co., Ltd.

    301-1 3Ba, Sihwa Industrial Complex, Jeongwang 1-dong, Siheung-si, , Gyeonggi-do

    Samilauto Co., Ltd. has been developed to a leading company specialized in producing PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR with professional skills through number of years R&D progress. We appreciate our customers help us promote products be better and competitive. Our all staff promise that customer will satisfied based on continuous efforts ...
  • Saenu Trading Co.,Ltd

    981-3 Topyeong-dong, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do

  • Dreamtech Co., Ltd.

    #909, Century Building, 55-1, Daeyeon3-dong, Namgu Busan, Busa

    Hello.I am Martin Jang ; Manager of Dreamtech Co., Ltd in Busan, Korea. Our company “Dreamtech ”was established as a manufacturer electronic technology products Sep. 1998. And our are now the supplier cellular phone components for SAMSUNG Electronic Ltd.Among products, We have specialized Bluetooth Headset Since 2006. ...
  • Myun-nara Food

    31, Ttukseom-ro 50-gil, Gwangjin-gu,, Seoul

    Nice Choice, Rice NoodleMYUN-NARA FOOD has lots of know how accumulated with production glass noodles and dried for 30 years uses excellent quality products organic materials.MYUN-NARA produces supplies a variety noodle made rice powder.Rice flour is digested better than wheat less fattening, making it an ideal choice to meet ...
  • Jo Eun Dong Ban Ja Co., Ltd

    2-13,Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu,Seoul, 135-010 KOREA Gangnam-gu/Seoul, Seoul

    Jo Eun Dong Ban Ja Co., Ltd was locted 2-13,Nonhyeon-dong,Gangnam-Gu,Seoul, 135-010 Korea.we importsome products such as slimming belt ,massager ect.from Nov.05/2004.
  • Jungkyung Ind Co., Ltd

    738-6, Jakjun-Dong, Kyeyang-Ku , Incheo

  • Korea Fire Truck Co., Ltd.

    Hosuro 358-25 Goyang city, Gyeonggi-do

    It is a great pleasure to welcome you and I sincerely appreciate your interest in Korea Fire Truck Company.We are always looking for solutions serve better it my wishes that this answers many of the questions have concerning about our company custom-built fire apparatus.As results continuous efforts Research Development ...
  • Nemo Networks Korea Co., Ltd.

    #422, Garden Five, 66, Chungmin-ro Songpa-gu, Seoul

    Nemo Networks produces products under strict quality control and exports them to the world. The entire staff researches develops reliable at low cost for full customer satisfaction. We are currently typical company leading industry with advanced technology know-how, have grown up customers through trials errors as well ...
  • Fibox Co., Ltd.

    1381-2 , Juahn-dong Nam-gu, Incheo

    Fibox has recently celebrated 30 years as a designer and manufacturer of thermo-plastic enclosures for use in hostile hazardous environments. The privately-owned Finnish company started life 1966, pioneering injection molded polycarbonate enclosure technology the electrical control panel industry. Since then, range ...
  • Springwave

    402 Hanguk Mullusaock, 853-1 Dongcheon-dong Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

    Springwave was established in 2003 by engineers who worked for the Infra Network Division at Samsung electronics, produces telecommunication products such as SDH, ADSL, VDSL, SDSL and EOS (Ethernet over SDH), well optical components LCD-related (LCD TVs, LCD monitors, Industrial panels Touch Screens). ...


    Abovo Nature, which develops and sells high quality baby wipes a variety of household items after going through all internal external safety certification tests, took its first step as individual business on Feb. 8, 2013 received explosive response from consumers soon it launched eco-friendly products. In return for such ...
  • Taekwang Engineering Co., Ltd

    309-1, JUN-PO 1 DONG, BUSANJIN-GU Busan, Busa

    Our company has been supplying fittings for more than 15 years. We have enjoying a good reputation to our customer excellent quality, quick delivery, and competitive prices of goods. In order diversify existing market, we are interested in high quality products, at the most attractive price on-time delivery you on favorable ...