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  • Informatica SVR

    Santa Guillermina 1457


    AV ORIENTAL 6626

  • World Business Chile

    Suiza 2024 Providencia Santiago, Metropolitana

    We are a company which produces and exports quality wines from the best place. located in Lontue Valley, region of Curico, place for grapes production. Our excellent has been recognized differents customers around world. have Varietal - Reserves Private Reserves, beside that we big storage table wine bulk packing. ...
  • Metalurgica Matco Ltd

    San Ignacio 0160-4 santiago, santiago

    Company Located in Chile dedicated to the manufacturig of steel products.Main clients are investment and mining project.
  • Dahab Andino

    Hijuela 1, Camarico, Rio Claro, Talca, Other

  • IECS Ingenieria Ltd.

    Gazmuri 308 San carlos, Ñuble

    IECS is a consultant company in Energy Managment , Automatics control and Industrial Electricty, actually have 5 ingeneer cualificated.IECS have contact in local manufatured and service industries.
  • BlaBleBli

    Calle Sin Nombre NN Palnea, NN

    NN a company with over 7 years of history that just adquired and recovered s from the south of e for its exportation.
  • Marix Trading

    Robinson Crusoe 1150

    Trading company with more than 5 years market experience, mainly in fish meal from south America and south Africa / namibia to Asian countries: good contacts in east Europe too. Reliable sourcing partner in Chile and other latin American countries


  • AgroTerroir

    S/N Camino a Villa Alegre San Javier, Maule

    A small agricultural business dedicated to exporting the best products of Chile's Maule region. We administrate farms, and wine deals, as well as dried fruit.

    Almeida 48, Maullin, X region, Chile,0000

    Company involved in the cultivation of gracilaria chilensis seaweed, main product where the agar agar is obtained. The plant is located in maullin a little town in the south of Chile in South America.
  • Comercial Austral

    Matias Causi�o 150 of 723 Santiago, Santiago

    Commercial Austral it was created in 2005 to take care of the necessities of purchase of Multitiendas in our country, dedicated specially to the line home
  • Campusano,Lagazio Ltda.

    Barros Arana 1168, Casa 4, Quilpue, Valparaiso, Chile,2430835

    We are a small company, located in the city of Quilpue, Chile. We are working as freelance agents, as we made good connections within the food industry.
  • Butron Budinich Winery

  • Fujian Fushan Bearing Co.,Ltd

    653#, Nanda Rd., Nanan

    Fushan Bearing was established in 1988. In order to continue improvement and pursue higher quality, the Company has attached great importance technology development, equipment investment, human resources integration, product quality market development from very beginning. The invested immense strength technical ...
  • EFFOUR`T Ltda

    Lerida 6461

  • Jaime Schiavetti Iverse

    Avda. Peru 719, Recoleta. Santiago, Region Metropolitana

    I offer your materials for the feeding animal, like flour of fish, alfalfa in pellet or bueke, food horse high performance (race, polo, others) Oats and native medicinal grass my country (Chile). Example: Boldo (Peumus Boldo) wich obtains an extract, It's has to be able coleretico colagogo human liver. Greater information ...
  • Remat Ltda.

    av santa raquel 8966 santiago, la florida

    To do imports of paices Asian already is(am) in the area of computation, accessories, telecommunications, laptops, netbook etc....
  • Bionline

    mar del Plata 1986

  • Bamboo Chile

    Curico, Curico, Chile,Chile

    Dear Sir :We are farmers from the south of Chile , in our cold and rainy southern forests grows Chusquea culeou bamboo an endemic species solid wich is grown absolutely natural conditions totally pesticide chemicals free. For this we looking for importers . We able to supply you with poles specifications that require. Generally, ...
  • Maress Supply Ltda

    Walker Martinez 418 Office 4a

  • Sodecom

    calle chorrillos, nro. 1110

  • Hair & Complements Ltda.

    General del Cant 112, of 402, Providencia, Santiago, Chile, Chile,7500579

    Hair & Complements Ltda., Chile. Our Chilean Company is a wholesaler and distributor of hair products, extension and accessories.
  • And Reggaeton


  • Innovabox Ltd.

    Santa Vina,

    Trabajar con aplicaciones ofimáticas, visitar sitios en Internet vía inalámbrica, mantener una videoconferencia de negocios, revisar el correo electrónico, descargar ficheros multimedia línea, montar la red un espacio las fotografías últimas vacaciones? todo eso, ...