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  • Tetri Ltd

    27 Yumashev's street Tbilisi, Georgia

    we buy milling wheat from Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. We sell wheat bran in 20kg PP bags and wheat flour in 10, 25, 50kg PP bags. Supply ability-3000MT per month.
  • GeoEst Ltd

    89, Agmashenebeli Str.

    Dear Madam/SirsWe are producing and exporting hazelnut kernels. We offering 2005 crop. With following dimensions:Caliber 11-13mm, 13-15mm, 15-17 mm. Moisture % max 7,0Broken, damaged fruits 2,0Shriveled, underdeveloped, bitten (insects) 1,0-1,5Mouldy, rancid, black fruits, fungi 4,0Fragments inserted 0,1We offer ...

    Pekini Street

  • Sole Partenarshi

    mzareluas 66 Poti, samegrelo

    I?m the owner of a sole trader, an export import agency from Georgiathat works with variety manufacturers disposable food.If you?re interested, I should be able to products interest for you or them products...I am interested in importing food your country into my country.I would appreciate it if send information on ...
  • Buffalo

    varketili 3

    Buffalo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer and exporter of tents, backpacks camping equipment. Buffalo, Campia, Green Field are our trademarks. We were selected by KORTA Korean Products to become World Class (tents) 1989. an official supplier tents for the 17th Jamboree Mondial 1991, Asia-Pacific 1996 2000. ...
  • Georgian Hazelnut Corporatio

    Kostava str, Tbilisi, Georgia,0171

    Georgian Hazelnut CorporationWe have pleasure to introduce our company main activity. GHC is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters hazelnut in Georgia which displays activity internal foreign market since 1996. Corporation includes 4 processing factories its total productivity aggregates 400-450 tons per month. ...
  • Caucaschem Ltd

    Yumashevi st., Tbilisi, Other, Georgia

    LTD "CAUCASCHEM" was founded in 2012. The mission of the companyapplies Georgian logistical potential for warehousing, transit,distribution and re exportation polymer raw materials, chemicalproducts, other petrochemical related comodities float glass inand from Caucasus region. Nowadays, our company is leaderin ...
  • Ellen & Company

    Other, Georgia

    Ellen & Company is working on exporting hazelnut in Europealready for 6 years. We are producing kernel, diced(chopped), meal and roasted. company top 10 goldencompanies of Georgia 3 On each season we sendingapproximately 60 trucks Europe. ...
  • Lami 2008 Ltd

    16-b. Chavchavadze str Tbilisi, Kartli

    It has been two years since our company sells frozen fish. We want to import frozen fish in the Georgian market and develop this business to a level that occupy a worthy place in the Georgian market.
  • Intell Solutions

    50 Rustaveli Ave.

  • Marinado

    65 st 5 Tbilisi, Tbilisi

    We are Internet marketing company, whose main area of activity is running campaigns, SEO services, Selling and Buying websites Domain Names. The guideline our company that we always use escrow service for completing the deals this way all risks excluded us buyers as well. famous well know domain name ...
  • Georgian Products LTD

    Rustaveli Ave Tbilisi, Tbilisi

    Best Natural Products from Georgia.Wine bottled and in bulk. red, white, sweet, semi sweet.Honey 100% natural. best quality.
  • Geobioenergetic

    Vake, Tbilisi, Georgia, Georgia,0159

    Our international company (IC) « Fuel Energetical Briquet » (FEB), is based from commercial structures of three countries: Russia, Georgia and Turkey. It founded for manufacture alternative power production - BIOBRIQUETTES as basic both it row material-round wood drank materials Russian .Besides told, IC "FEB" since ...
  • Georgia Trading Grou


    Our goal is to offer low price and best service!!!!
  • Db.Global Charcoal.Industrie

    146 Manishvili street, rustavi rustavi, goergia

    DB. GLOBALS CHARCOAL INDUSTRIES is one of the professional suppliers charcoal for BBQ in Republic Goergia. To meet various requirements valuable clients, we offer superior qualityproducts. used heating and grills restaurant home. Advantage: 1, eco-friendly2, high energy3, clean sanitary4, regular shape, rational ...
  • Giorgi Berdznishvili

  • Almanac Company Ltd


    Almanac company LTD , is the marketing and sales of MARINAS TURBO Drinks. Our factory has all legal permissions on food beverage production required by Georgian European authorities. The entitled to produce non-alcoholic beverages with its experience, infrastructure know-how. ...
  • C&I Co., Ltd

    49 Melikishvili Ave.

    C & I company ltd has been established to provide georgian and foreign organizations with professional business consulting services (economic cooperation, investment, finance, management, marketing, legal assistance etc. )
  • Akvariumi"ltd

    makashvili str. tbilisi,

    we have bilding company, and we are interested your dump trucks.we have a lot off trucks , concrete mixing plants, furniture.
  • Smart Mobiles Elect


    As one of the leading company in Georgia, we have ability to supply you, your request product a large quantity and at competitive price. Our services is second none make time without delay. ready negotiate respond all complain or questio ...
  • Quot;GFMS" Ltd.

    4 / 6 Melikishvili Ave

    "Georgian Flow Management Systems" Ltd. Serving the needs of gas, oil and water industry. Consulting providing solutions for gas,oil industry problems. Product range includes all types valve, control measurement instruments devices, flow pressure regulators conditioners, filters safety devices Brands: ...
  • L.t.d Gela Sarishvili

    Genichesky st. 15

  • ALTEC Ltd

    Pekini Tbilisi,

    Computers shop .
  • Georgia

    Other, Georgia

    Being registered in Georgia, Mars LLC contains different departments including;EnergyAgricultureIndustryas a cooperative of the most famous like; FUJI, SRH, Cummins, Perkins, MTU, Caterpillar, MWM, WEST LAKE Musical Fountain, CAT Cable, SIMCAT, SIMCO, METAL We have been involved trading, including;Copper ingot and ...
  • Global Economic

    Niabi 50 street Tbilisi,, Tbilisi

    GLOBAL ECONOMIC CORPWHO WE ARE. 1.1.We, three companiesGLOBAL CORP,, Global Economic forum to work together of economy reform. 1.2. We provide a range solution and capabilities. Develop support Ten major programs.2. What are we doing.2.1. MONEY AND MONETARY REFORMS. Parallel the existing currency2.2. ...