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  • Adriatikus Grou

  • Aroba D.o.o.

    Smartinska 152 Ljubljana,

    We are Distributor for Panasonic Audio-Video,Telecommunications and Airconditions.Just send us e-mail with your needs and we will answer you asap.Best Regards !Tomaz
  • Limb D.O.O.

    Rogozniska c.32 Ptuj,

    LIMB d.o.o. is a company for production, trade and servise of higher class tractors with competitive price. The are very safe, have modern look, all-round employable tested mechanics world known producers. They manufactured in Ptuj, where the headquartes is. In year 2005, began production universal tractor 60kW/82HP ...

    Rajspova ulica 22

    Finakos Group is a group of following companies : d.o.o. ( ) international trade Ilkos candles production Spedicija Goja transport , logistic Ekoplastkom - plastic recycling Mimaks candle containers We are employing 195 people with year turnover ...
  • Pearl Yachts

    1133 Broadway

  • Humanik Hit

    Presetnikova 11

    We have been supplying candle making industry with paraffin wax, palm glass lampions and electronic modules for 17 years. With rich experience know-how in the business we are position to offer reliable services, act as a trustworthy distributor related products Slovenian, Italian, Austrian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian ...
  • Eurostam, D.O.O.

    Suska cesta 9 Skofja Loka, Slovenia, Europe

    Hello,We are:1. main supllier for shoes and evening wedding dresses east European market, we are searching the producers of around world. 2. export import trading company. We good products from all over world a low price selling companies, which want´s to sell their on foreign markets. WE HELP YOU TO GET IN TOUCH WITH BEST PRODUCTS ...
  • Livarna Tita

    Kovinarska cesta 28, Kamnik, Other, Slovenia

    LIVARNA TITAN d.o.o. is a foundryfrom Kamnik, Slovenia. We produce castings for agricultural,scaffolding, automotive, formwork and other industries as well aspipe fittings water, gas installations which are madefrom whiteheart malleable cast iron. Our production of white tempered started in1933. Since then our top ...
  • Elliott Wave Forecast! Analysis Service

  • Abaco D. O. O

    Partizanska C. 82

    We are dynamic steady growing company which is occupied with developement and production of gaming instruments. The main the only guidance for us to ensure high quality our products. Long time experiences engineers shown in products-as technical accomplishment as aesthetic design. You can check up products or find out ...
  • Proline Kranj D.o.o.

    Levstikova 08 Kranj,

    PROLINE Kranj d.o.o. is an Slovenia based company. For several years one part of our company, we have been engaged in the commodity trade and former parts Yugoslavia republics (various kinds computer telecommunication parts, GSM phones,etc....).Our long term commitment (in music promotion activity as well), has enabled ...
  • Oil Metal Company

    Valvasorjeva 12a Maribor,

    Hi,My name is Bostjan, you already contact us on, undercategory: Iron&SteelWe are interested to buy Reinforcing Steel Bars, Wire Rod and Cold Ribbed Wire.Monthly delivery of 10.000 tons different materials.DELIVERY:FOB Koper Slovenia (EU)FOB Ploce CroatiaReinforcing BarsQuality/Grade: ...
  • Promles D.o.o.

    Klece 36, Slovenia, Other, Slovenia,1000

    We are a company who manufactures wooden tiles, parquette, wooden blocks and other raw wooden materials in any shape or form. We also have Beech pellets for individual or industrial needs. Transportation could be handled by us.
  • Rokocevar

    Chengdujska 2 Ljubljana,

    I am interested in Flying sports,bungee and other adrenaline sports.As well in ballooning,fashion,enviroment,agriculture,energy and many other new products. I am an importer and retailer and a practical user of bought products.
  • Azijan Market D.O.O.

    Kolodvorska 20 Ljubljana,

    Our heaquater is located in Slovenia, and we have business connections in Europe and China. We offer a big variaty of servies and goods, some are our own and some are which we are the distributor or wholeseller.
  • Samostojni Komercialist

    Ljubljanska 97 domzale, slovenia

    I have a small supplier or buyer,but I know a lot of people.Im living in Slovenia-ex Yugoslavija and if you want contact me
  • Mediapro

    Zaloska 222

    Business developing in East Europe for different clients, preliminary studies, feasibility negotiationsConsulting marketing, sales, management and political environmentLobbying business millieuPolitical consultingMarket opinion researchCountries of operation: Ex Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Albania,. Romania, ...
  • Mizarstvo Pecnik Tomaz S,

    Rasica 29a

  • Inventor

    celovska 143

    I am a professional inventor. wrote about 250 patents in various fields like toys, electronics, household products, tools, etc. If you are interested new proprietary concepts maybe have ideas for your company. For example recently applied several related to type of fasteners and shopping bags. Before giving information we will ...
  • Iskrateling D. O. O.

    Ljubljanska C. 24a

    Mission: The ISKRATELING company, by adapting to demanding technological development and a Partnership relationship with suppliers customers is oriented towards market niche in which it constructs effective telecommunication systems.Vision: Long-term presence at the very top, where on world standards would remain ...
  • Pro Print Novak K.D.

    Na vasi 3  Dragomer, Brezovica

    manufacturing toys and key rings from EVA foam.Making product with CNC routing machines.Distribution Key chain accessories.

    KOROSKA CESTA 14, RAVNE, SLOVENIA, Slovenia,2390

    Our company is working in environment that characterized by 400years of experience producing,processing and finishing ofsteels.We have 60 years pneumatic toolsproduction.The second large product group technologicalequipment for spring plants car body workshop productionsystems. More than 70% annual production ...
  • Oil Factory Fram

    Fram 94 Fram,

    We are selling natural pumpkin oil. Our recipie is 250 years old, the first oil factory in Slovenia, maybe also in Europe.
  • MEGEL Inzeniring

    MDB 2, Leskovec pri Krskem, Slovenia,8273

    we are specialised for all kinds of flooring such as textile floors EGE, DLW ARMSTRONG linoleum and pvc and all kinds of wood floorsWe are speciallised for hotel floor
  • Trimak D.o.o.

    Kotlje 94 Kotlje,

    We are producing high quality air beds and air mattresses, with latex foam and memmory foam and with active air core inside, suported by electric air pump with remote controller.