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  • Tornado Plus D.o.o.

  • Gajsek Tyre

    mejna, maribor, Slovenia

    We are gajsek tyres based in maribor, Slovenia. member of since March, 2013. Our business is related to Automobiles industry and we specifically deal tyres,used tyres,scrap tyres. Please find our product details below:SellI have all kinds used which different dimensions from 2mm-6 mm I these tires a maximum 13.14 ...
  • SARA D.o.o.

    Kotnikova 40

    Manufacturing of wooden kitchen serving trolleys.
  • WRAVOR Xxxxx

    Stranice, Starnice, Slovenia,3206

    We are Slovenian producer of bandsaws and other woodworking machinery and seller of wood. We mainly export our machines in the area of former Yugoslavia, European Union, Romania and we have sold also special bandsaws in Africa.
  • Maribor


  • Hengert

    Omladinskih brigada 27a Izola, Slovenia

  • Le-tehnika, D.O.O

    Suceva Ulica 27 Kranj,

    Our company was established in 1989 as one of the first private companies Slovenia / Yugoslavia. Today we are a with over 100 employees and branch several countries abroad, well China- Sinoslo Technology SIP Co.Ltd.We biggest suppliers telephone, accessories cental European ex-Yugoslavian countries. ...
  • GlobChem Ltd.

    Dalmatinova 15

  • Cepin S.p.

    Kocjanciceva 13, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Slovenia,1261

    Company Cepin's (Chepin's) core business is representation ofdifferent companies in Slovenia, countries of ex-Yugoslavia andbeyond. We represent that enter the market and find themreliable partners. also provide selling services.Collaboration with our yet young company, but experienced teamenables manufacturers, ...
  • Meltal D.o.o.

    Gosposvetska c. 84

    Meltal with almost 30 years of tradition belongs today among the most important European companies which are engaged in purchase, recycling-sorting, and sale all types non-ferrous scrap. It started 1980, when owner Rado Snezic founded a private foundry for production deoxidised aluminium steel industry. In 1989, he decided to ...

  • Medicopharmacia

    Verovskova ulica 72

    Mediopharmacia d.o.o. from Zagreb, Croatia is company focused on developing and producing HQ hygienic cosmoceutic products.Major focus feminine intimate care our team in that product line for more than 18 years with brand Intimea Hygieia. Also we developed collection based adriatic essential oils under Mirisija. ...
  • Plastika Skaza

  • Leteca Tajnica

    Zg. Lipnica 24, Kamna Gorica, Other, Slovenia,4246

    Distributor of boxes, packaging materials & supplies, contract packaging, safety & janitorial equipment.
  • Montver-spletna Oljarna

    Einspielerjeva 31, Maribor, Slovenia,2000

    We are unique company who*s goal is to provide the best edible oils and fats for Europe Worldwide.We all kind of from over world. Our main priority quality prices. Established in 2010 Slovenia, this one top experts pumpkin seed oil. country known world its oil, we holders some gold medals that got taste Capacity our own oil between 50 ...
  • Mitja Bokun S.p.

    Britof 463


    Metoda Mikuza 12

    Inside Company is the manufacturer of wifi antennas and other equipment needed for communications between devices, which are used in everyday life. Every product made with care precision satisfaction customer. It also checked real life situation regular use. Our history pretty short since year 2004. At beginning we built just ...
  • TEMPLJAR, Vojanov In Drugi D.n.o.


    Our most popular product in the online marketing is a nutritional supplement that enable man to maintain healthy sexual activity. (Sexual power and firmer erection.) products are composed exclusively of natural ingredients. No artificial preserving agents.Our core businesses include services field transport trade. Online ...
  • Abriel Paper International

    Jl. Dr. Soetomo No. 38 Rt. 05 Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur

    Company Vision & MissionOur VisionKeeping consumers in order to remain comfortable communicating and reservations improve the quality of goods keep being best able control domestic market international market.Our MissionStore earnest Asia continue be built by Providing its people with a long term career based on ...
  • Zagarstvo Antoncic S.P.

    Praprece 1

    We manufactre wooden pallets 1200x800. Competitive prices.We also manufacture elements for wooden pallets.
  • Aline Brencic

    Puhova 23 Ljubljana, Ljubljana

    I am looking for traders who will sell me cheap new and used clothes that i could buy and resell in my shop.
  • Elis Consulting Llc

    . 7 Celje,

    I ame looking for SOLAR NoHoHon. Please send me your pricelist with the best prices! Order of appx. 5000 pcs!I ame looking allso for MP3, PM4, Ipod nano, GSM/mobile Phones,..

    Lopata 15

    We are handles production company from Slovenia (Europa), we produce from beech wood.
  • Rubicon Gaming

    mednarodni prehod 6

    Rubicon Gaming is a company dedicated to the development and production of professional gaming equipment. An ambitious team technology experts give us opportunity ability offer unique innovative products in industry. By using only top quality parts most advanced known now days we market high reliable products. We seek build ...
  • Kwapol_je

    tam dol, na ravnem, polju, Slovenia,2548

    klein aber feinklein fei ...