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  • Aldaron Ltd.

    Archinetova 1, Ljubljana, Slovenia,1000

    We are an agency sourcing and dealing with most metal minerals and metal ingots, but on occasion also metal semi-products and products.


    Tailor made company formations to suit your needs FREE company incorporations accountants, legal professionals and intermediaries Full Business Bank account active immediately when ordering new Complete company pack you get in 3-5 hours Knowledgable friendly staff on hand for questions 10 Years experience ...
  • Trade Slovenia Ltd

    f 49 Ljubljana,

    Dear Sirs!We are a company,specialised in distributing of technology products.If you are interested in our cooperating, pleas let us know ASAP, and if you have some further questions don t heritate to contact us.
  • UNI-TEH Doo

    Kidriceva 13d

  • Alpina D.d.

    Strojarska 2

    Alpina first started making shoes and boots in 1947 and, ever since, its craftsmen scientists have kept abreast of all the new developments world high-quality sports fashion footwear. When developing footwear, our designers devote a great deal attention to comfort, craftsmanship, careful selection use materials, advances ...
  • Delfini

    Soncni log 3, Logatec, Slovenia,1370

    We are fashion company from Slovenia, Europe. We have exclusive fashion corsets, shirts, haute coiture clothes for evening parties, important business diners or lunchs.
  • TPS-turbine D.o.o.

    Ulica XIV divizije 14

  • Simi Hafner D.o.o.

    Hafnerjevo naselje 97

  • Rofimont

    dobruska vas 5, skocjan, dolenjska, Slovenia,8275

    we trade with worlwide goods and products. dealer, allso prowiding transmission of the workforce, counseling, planning and offer logistics services, fell fre to cofntact us prfoimont at email dot com

    Gregorciceva 10 Kobarid,

    We sell renal care, infusion therapy, glves urology, endoscopy, gastroscopy, gastroenterology...etc
  • Marko Baloh, PANPAN S.p.

    Moste 15st

    Since 1996, successfully sold products primarily inner Europe! We offer our clients quality products, low prices and unique design. We sell only products with controlled origin.Best selling products:Juicer, cleaning sponge - without chemicals
  • Namenska Oprema Janko Poljak S.p.

    Krumperska 23, Domzale, Slovenia,1230

    Our family firm NAMENSKA OPREMA Janko Poljak s.p. - NOJP was founded in 1986. The purpose of the is to enforce itself a field industrial automatics and electronic measuring equipment for special purposes. main activity development production machines purposes (automatic feed machines, automated sliting etc), or rebuilding ...
  • R2DS, D.o.o.


    Glavna, Lendava, Slovenia, Slovenia,9220

    We are ZRNOVITAL based in Lendava, Slovenia. member of since July, 2014. Our business is related to Food & Beverage industry and we specifically deal foodstuff. Please find our product details below:YELLOW PEASWe ara SLO Mill Company offering husking, cleaning, polishing separating seeds cereals. Main offer: - ...
  • DBD-Metal D.o.o.

    Preloge 4 Ljubljana,

    At first let me allow to introduce our company. DBD Metal is a company based in Slovenia (Europe). Our main activity supplying end-users with cooper (e.g scrap copper - wires, cathodes,..). I am approaching you because of interest for possible future cooperation. For mentioned reason, would appreciate receive input about your ...
  • Kramar&Druzbenik D.n..o

    Zadobrova 101 Skofja va

  • MDR Kalin D.o.o.

    Proletarska Cesta 4

    MDR, with 20 years of development and production experiences, offers highest possible level of detection and separation of metal fragments. Mdr Kalin d. O. O. Proletarska cesta 4 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia
  • MEKUR D.d.

    MARIBORSKA CESTA, 162, CELJE, Slovenia,3000

  • RPM TEAM *****

    Smledniska cesta 104, Kranj, Slovenia-Europe, Slovenia,4000

    Trading company from 2010 from Slovenia - EuropeNetwork of 11 dealers in SloveniaMotors, scooters, ATV, UTV, *****
  • Dumbo D.O.O.

    Krakovska 23 Ljubljana,

    I am looking for Nokia 8800 50 units for cheapest price.For any other information please email me.Thank you
  • Baton D.o.o.

  • 3mtrade, Doo

    Podgora 37 b, Smartno ob Paki, Slovenia,SI - 3327

    If U're serious buyer (if U're just checking on price, skip it and save our time) for brown sugar we can provide direct from S. ***** We work around the world and the price is really the *****For additional info, contact **********
  • FATRADE D.o.o

    Cesnikova 14

    We are a trading company With vast network of end suppliers and manufactures. Our physical presence in Europe partners around the world makes us leading import, export, selling various edible oils other commodities. our team professionals facilitate your search for real products, best possible prices terms. sell our products ...
  • Luseja D.O.O.


    We are trading company from Slovenia. We are looking for oportunities and the best price and quality for our customers. We are group of five professionals always looking for longterm business relations.


    Sir, we offer you high quality copper cathode grade A, MOK, MOOK, STANDARD : 859 - 2001 from Uzbekistan. In one year sell up to 90, 000 t of copper. For many years, company Central Europe is our main transporter Goods by rail or truck.The sales contract will be signed directly with the manufacturer without an agent.Payment method for A ...