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  • Alum Trade Ltda.

    Carrera 5 #108A-50 Bogota,

    Our company buys and sells and trades all kinds of plastic resins, virgin, reprocessed all over the world.
  • Urscraptrading

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  • Bienaventurada S.A.S.

    Cra 48 No 61 sur 115

    Our lingerie line is actually composed of brassieres, panties, bodies, corsets, and panty sets. They are elaborated with high quality materials like laces, gripour, microfiber, mostly imported from France Italy, that allow us to attend the requirements an evolving market. We also offer our swimming wear collections new design ...

    Cra 64 No 48-47

    Our company partly owns silicon dioxide mine and other mineral mains in Colombia South America, we are sellers trade agents. At present d like to offer you our product Silicon Dioxide which contains SiO2 99. 5% . If your is interested buying this please tell us about requirements. Regards, Jackie Martinez ...
  • Kenwo International Enterprise LTD

    23rdFourth Industrial AreaHuaide cuigang Fuyong baoan District, shenzhen, china, Colombia,518103

    Kenwo international company limited is a professional Zinc alloy and Aluminum die casting manufacturer. We found in Hong Kong 1994 using Japanese management. are ISO 9001 14001 certified. And we branded GP. Our finishing service all-inclusive from tooling to precision die-casting. have 12 units of machine 5 tons 64 (eg. ...
  • Zualita

    Calle 37 A No. 80 - 61 Bogotá,

    Para hacer ejercicio graciosos dentro del mercado puede contactarnos y nos apropiaremos de su negocio y apalancaremos su inversión, para motivar a sus empleados y terminar dándole rentabilidad por encima de sus necesidades y sobretodo, proyeccione
  • PardoAg

    Av cr 11 114 35 apto 205


    CALLE 44B 55 - 10 BOGOTA,

    retaler for industrial electrical control elements for oil and gas industry, manufacturing, food, brewery manufacturing companie
  • BDM Ltda

    Downtown, Bogota, DC, Colombia

    Our company wasestablished in November 1992 Bogota D. C. with the purpose ofdeveloping mining activity within territory of theRepublic Colombia. Since 1994 our has held themining and timber concessions, Exploitation Marketing Licensesfrom Colombian Ministry Mines Energy. Thus, we havefulfilled all necessary ...
  • Flores San Jua

    Cr. 38# 159-80

    Mega Flowers was established to meet the demands of importers and wholesalers. These have expressed a need buy direct from reliable farms with consistent high quality products. We offer wide variety fresh flowers available our in Colombia. assurance at farm level. You will receive information customized business alternatives ...
  • Laboratorios Natura

    calle 9 sur No. 35-180 Int.302 Medellin, Antioquia

    We produce natural medicine products, which active ingredients are derived from plants and mushrooms extract
  • Lalibela

    calle 88 No 19a-30

  • Artesanias Arte Y Decoracio

    Carrera 4 # 55-20 Bogota, Distrito Capital

    We are a company dedicated to the commercialization of different types Colombian handicrafts , developed by our indigenous people and artisans with highest quality creativity we offer pieces ranging from accessories clothing, decorative items for home offices businesses. Our continuous contact allow us products totally ...
  • Sucroal S.A.

    Km. 18, Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia,76003

    We are a Colombian biotechnology company, the only one of its kindin Latin America. have two divisions: produces foodingredients and other solvents alcohols. Weare company that supplies raw materials to thefood, beverage, pharmaceutical solvent sectors, in generalto manufacturing industry, through production re-saleof ...
  • Wamana Star Bele

    c/14 24a-59, funza, cundinamarca, Colombia,00000

    Wamana Star Belen Flowers is a Colombian supplier of fresh cut Alstromeria, calla and ornithogallum flowers located in the sabana. Located Funza, Cundinamarca, we are small focused on premium quality exportation flowers, with major aspirations towards future. ...
  • Bodel Internacional, S.A.S.

  • Colombian Cowhide Rug

    Carrera 19 B n�54-67 sur Bogota, Cundinamarca

    Colombian rugs cowhide this product is made in Colombia well done processed excelent quality we sell worldwide if you need more informartion please contact us text me or call to number 8322064010 and will give our email adress for information. one by doesnt matter how many would like. manufacturing. price may change buy different ...
  • Gres Caribe

    Cra 43 75b 187 of. 38, barranquilla, atlantico,52990


    Carrera 20 # 168-06, Bogota, DC, Colombia,Toberi

    Astromaquinaria Ltda. es una empresa constituida en 1991, siendo la actualidad uno de los principaes proveedores bombas hydraulicas para importantes empresas Colombia tales como Ecopetrol, BP, Carvajal, Terpel, etc. tiene representaci³n exclusiva Aurora Pumps y Magnunm Estados Unidos.Ademas importaci³n, ...

    CALLE 48-1506, Bogota, Bogota, Colombia,06

    Good afternoon Brazilian belong to a group of commodities trading, which in turn relies on large multinational company with offices 22 countries. We are able provide the quantities requested and more if you need it, directly from seller, immediate availability warranty fulfillment. condition ourselves market regulations, so ...
  • Maplintrade

    1 F # 57-107 Cali, Valle

    We are dealers of all brand and model of brand new electronics like mobile phones,ipad and lots more.

    Av. Calle 11sur No. 10-58

    Hello dear Sir or Madam. We are Lipoarmonia C. I. Ltd, a Colombian manufacturer of girdles, postpartum, postsurgical, sportive and compression garments for daily use both men women. Please browse our website if you get interested let us know your feedback feel free to contact further information. will call back as soon time ...
  • Simex S.A.S

    Carrera 48 No. 48 Sur 181, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia, Colombia

    Simex S.A.S. is a German owned factory with operations in Envigado, Colombia. It was founded 1969. core business the manufacturing of stylish colour cosmetic packaging. Additionally, provides design support to its clients.High quality raw materials and state art European machinery equipment provide uncontested that ...
  • Aloepaz T-shirt

    calle 148 No 100-35 apto 403, bogota, cundinamarca, Colombia

  • Inversiones Cornehl

    Calle 93 # 16-54

    We are a registered Company working closely and directly with Venezuelan sellers of Petroleum products. At this time we are looking for serious D2 diesel buyers available at Maracaibo (500,000 MT per month) and (900,000 gallons per week) at Miami.