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  • T-GUM Hnusta Ltd.

    Hlavna, Hnusta, Slovakia, Slovakia,981 01

    Company T-GUM, Ltd. started producing the inner tubes, flaps and moulded technical rubber in year 2000. Having purchased machines, technology know-how from MATADOR Inc. recruited fully competent staff company achieves highest quality of its' products accordance with international standards. The have boon certified by ...
  • Autosuciastky Import Export, S.r.o.

  • Evona Electronic

    Stara Vajnorska

  • Inspirus Investments S.r.o.

    Taborska 4152/7, Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia,82104

    Company focused on manufacturing high quality protein pasta, lowcarb pasta and gluten free pasta.

    Francisciho, Hnusta, Slovakia, Slovakia,98101

    If you are interested in good business, give me ring or e-mail and I will send you more information about company.
  • Food Global S.r.o.

    Hradna 3


    Na Grunte 18

    Welcome to exclusive womens and mens fashion. DESSUE! Online fashion house DESSUE is a leading European online retailer of luxury underwear clothing from top brands in the world. We operate branches 5 countries Europe deliver goods all countries. Online shop, which brings world's favorite TOP brands. All these ...

    Cernochov vrch 1254

    Plastic containers - Plastics buckets of different calibre seize and colors for various purposes . Pneumatic anchor Professional pneumatic tools supplies designed especially the automotive industry. HOG RING Anchoring device Anchor features we offer are high quality reliable. They used to attach toilet, wash basins, ...
  • Mibicon S.R.O.

    P.O. Box 20 Bratislava,

    Presently, Mibicon s.r.o. belongs amongst experienced and proved firms in Slovakia had practical knowledge such fields as auditing, economic business consulting marketing. was founded 1996 originated from Ineko which one of the first companies Czechoslovakia focusing on auditing services consultancy. ...
  • Group Electric S.r.o.

    Razusova 47

  • Martimex-Marine Trading, S. R. O.

    C. Armady 1

    Daughter company of the largest trading house in Slovakia specialized in industrial supplies. We serve mainly German and Dutch Owners through shipyards in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine. We supported also some suppliers for building of KIA Motors factory in Slovakia.
  • Glendower S.r.o.

    kosicka 6

  • Powel Antica

    Levocska 2

    Company Powel Antica are professional manufacturer of hard water devices AntiCa++ since 1993. has been developed after series research at university and institute which confirmed us that treatment must be performed based on several factors - flow rate, material pipe, DN pipe chemical composition water. Based we a wide ...
  • M.P.M.H. Slovakia S.r.o.

  • LES-INVEST, S.r.o.

    Podvysoka 783

    Our company was established in 2002 and it concerns wood processing. The final result of our activities processing are definite semidefinite products. We process 30 000 to 40 cubic metres per year. concerned many different kinds such as: cherry, linden, oak, beech, pallets elements, for producing furniture, firewood maple ...
  • DISY S.r.o.

    Agatova 11

    Our company provides its clients with information about business and manufacturing opportunities in Slovak, eventually Czech, republic. Among our customers Slovakia there are many different companies. Most of them engineering, woodindustry foodindustry companies, companies producing plastics or pasteboard packages, ...
  • MikasFishingcom

    Komenskeho 144 / 43

  • 9MM Energy SRO

    Hviezdna 11/20 Kom�no, Slovak Republic

    We started our operation in 2009 when the idea of an energy drink with cap was born. produce drink, called 9MM a unique and fancy shape can great taste. wanted to launch product appearance that is eye-catching differentiates completely from other drinks. After many months market research we decided on bullet.We spent lot time ...

  • Ams Elag

    Okanika 2 Nitra, Slovakia

    wholesale and retailer from Slovakia,Czech republik,Slovenia and Poland.Sterling silver jewelry,gemstones,pearls,preciouse stone,watches.
  • Meggy&Style, S.R.O.

    Slobody 10 Ko큄ice, Ko큄ice

    Slovakia Baldovska natural mineral water. The quality corresponds the norms STN 86 8000 and PN 03/97.The water is being bottled in 0,5 liters, 1,5 liters 2,0 l PET bottles. My company would like to offer Slovak water, jewel of But modern era gave preference bottling use these days waters belongs our most Sought after. It from HTE ...
  • MINERAL Trade S.r.o.

    Rastislavova 93, Kosice, Slovakia, Slovakia,04001

    Company MINERAL Trade s.r.o.  as a directrepresentative for the European market of Iron-ore companyRudomajn, Ltd.(ООО "Рудомайн"), KryvyiRih, Ukraine offers you its own production raw materialcontaining iron.Our company -Rudomajn, "Рудомайн") ...

    Sladkovicova 10, Piestany, Slovakia, Slovakia,92101

    I answer to your offer of products firm and we are able sell in the area Slovak Czech Republic as well European Union including countries Eastern Europe. We have concrete possibility place spring water, baby mineral toys gliders planes. Please, will you send us catalogues, certificates that fulfill , price lists history ...
  • QUERCUS, S.r.o.

    Venturska 7, Bratislava, Slovakia, Slovakia

    Company QUERCUS, s.r.o. was founded in 1994 and nowadays it is thelargest processor, manufacturer exporter of products from oaktree Slovakia. The main business activity wood processing andproduction semi-finished as well final fromdeciduous trees. Our product portfolio consists lumber, friezes,hardwood pellets, solid ...