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  • Business Linx International Sro

    Dolny Sianec 1013/1 Trencin, Slovakia

    With over 30 years of business experiences in the fields marketing, communication and development, a comprehensive network contacts, links effective resources around globe, with special emphasis on Europe Middle East regions-we boast to be link your partner, wheather an investor, or supplier as needed prospect buyer. We move ...
  • Steel Business Service

    Tovarenska 2, Vlkanova, Slovakia, Slovakia,97631

  • ESA Management

    Stefanikova 7

    We are an Trading Company who Located in Bratislava (Slovakia ) we Dealing CNC MachinesAnalytical Instrument ,Cordinate Mesaering Machine. Cnc Machine .Plastic Pvc,Regrind and Scrape . Now also have Our Repersentive New Dehli India Mrs Jiya Tel +91 9811237351 Office time from 800 am to 13 00 pm for our Indian market do looking ...
  • Alfred Jurovaty

    Juraja Slottu 28 Trnava 1, Slovakia

  • PCkomplet S.R.O.

    Kopcakova 3 Raslavice,


    Pod Hajom 1367/169-44, Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia, Slovakia,01841

    Dear Friends, Please let us shortly introduce the firm IMPEXand offer you possibility of cooperation in thefuture. Scope activities our company IMPEX SLOVAKIAfrom year 1998 are: 1. distribution axial piston hydraulic pumpsPV and motors MF type Sauer series 20 a) for producers oftruckmixers-mainly sizes ...
  • Cryoniq

    Velke Lovce 384 Velke Lovce, Nitriansky

    SpecificationsCryochamber - Cryosauna Cryotherapy Cryoniq s.r.o. Naturally Induced QualityCryotherapy (cryochamber/cryosauna)Cryo-therapeutic treatment is the new direction of body regeneration and wellness that based on exposing to extremely cold temperatures. As reacts environment, immune system stimulated ...
  • MRK-stav S.r.o.

    Bukova 47, Bukova,, Trnava state, Slovakia,91910

    We conduct wholesale of global brands and a range products underour own brand. always do our best in meeting the needs ourtrade partners assuring most competitive price offer onthe market. Beside general trade we also provide business consultancyservices area international trade. Thanks to years ofexperience create for ...

    L Okanika 2

  • Michal Molnar


  • Darte Design

    Stredna 2


  • TIZCO,spol. S R.o.

    Slovenska 1 Bardejov,

    Producer , distributor of the gloves, shoes , military gloves, working gloves, fire gloves , kid glove
  • Afinancesro

    Rudohorska 33, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, Slovakia,974 11

    email: afinancesro@gmail.comskype: afinancesro

    Kolonia 233, Michal na Ostrove, Slovakia, Slovakia

    Ourcompany offers the highest quality service in thefield. Ourmain aim is to bring customers not only warmth, but also high usercomfort. Weare a family company that delivers for Slovak andforeign market. Wefocus primarily on and customer satisfaction, so they aregaining more confidence. Products From our central warehouse we ...
  • Acquisitio A.s.

    Zlate schody 1863/4 Bratislava,

    Acquisitio a.s. is an export company from Slovakia in Central Europe. We export brand food products and beverages: mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juices and drinks, beer, wine, spirits, baby food, vegetable oil and sweets.
  • BIZPONT 3, Levoca, Presovsky kraj, Slovakia,05401

    For individuals and companies interested in establishing a businesspresence Slovakia:- set-up start-up operations- finding new partners, byuers, customers clients- joint venture, original equipment manufacturing, contractproduction- distribution hub of your productd- utmost confidentiality dedication to clients ...
  • Rohexpo S.R.O.

    Na Podskalku 2577  Humenne , Slovakia

    We are a private manufacturer company, which specialises in the production and export of health instant coffees enriched with medical mushrooms extracts - Ganoderma lucidum, Inonotus obliquus, Cordyceps sinensis, ... We make the products according to customer requirements.
  • KomodityOnline

    Zehlianska 4 Bratislava, BA

    We are a trading company dealing with the sale and purchase of sugar ICUMSA 45, CDRO oil and sunflower oil
  • Ellada, S.r.o.

    Porubskeho 12

  • Romantic

    Potocna ulica 36/12 Male Uherce, Slovakia

  • Sloboda

    Pov.Podhradie 386, Povazska Bystrica, Slovak Republic, Slovakia,017 04

    I am translator English - Slovak language and I act on behalf other companies. Now I am looking for supplier of copper sheets for plumbing.
  • Solar Power S.r.o

    Grosslingova 4