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  • Sonytech Computers (U)

    ravens plaza kyagwe road kampala, kampala

    Sonytech computers is found in Uganda,Is dealing in computer support ie selling hardware, networking, repairing.
  • Isiret Agro-consultants Ltd

    Plot no. 60 elangot road (overlooking soroti flying school) Soroti, Eastern regio

    Isiret Agro-consultants ltd was registered on 27th day of march 2007.It is under the management of three directors and the general manager.We offer also consultancies crop and livestock
  • Crystal Land Ug Ltd


  • Mitec Technology

    okudi road page one plaza moyo Kampala, west nile

    leading distributor of paper and office stationary in Uganda part south sudan Dr Congo. establish to support schools, offices retail companies benefit from various our company supllies them great competitive price.we always considered customer feedback improve services provide what clients/customer want.our existence ...
  • Al Safa Agro Ltd

    Al.safa agro Uganda ltd deals with fresh farm fruits and vegetables like Avocado. pineapples etc .These fruits are totally organic with no chemical additives.These natural fruits ripped with the tree and are rich with vitamins and minerals that body remains fit and healthy.
  • Fair Price Enterprise 87873,plot 25 nkurumah road Kampala,

    Retailer of furniture, some kitchenware,collection itemssuch,as walls decor indoor and outdoors collection. that what my store selling its mix surplus / second hand and a brandnew items.
  • Mugerwa Investment

    202 Bandwe Hill Jomayi Housing Estate Kampala, Kampala

    We are a medium company based in Kampala Uganda. our ofices are at Plot 202 bandwe Hill Jomayi Housing Estates. Tel: is 256-772411504 We import pressure washers, computers and accesories,salon equipment, audio equipment, textiles,cosmetics and perfume
  • Katabi Alex

    Entebbe road

  • Fine Ventures Uganda Limited

    P. O Box 30388 Kampala

    Our main product line is high quality Processes Tea sold in bulk to companies that re-bag, we also package tea different sizes from 250gm 50gm distributed wholesalers. are able supply over 100,000 tonnes per week for buyers. The grades offer are, PF, PF1, BP1, D1, and fannings. ...


  • Greening Uganda

  • Kikwaya Alexander


  • Echo Touch Uganda Ltd

    P. O Box 3169 Kampala Kampala, Central

    Echo Touch Uganda Limited has 3 years experience in the Cocoa business. Registered in the Republic of Uganda to Export Cocoa.
  • Sheram Engineering Ltd

    ort bell kitintale kampala, nakawa

    20 square miles of agricultural land for sale in central Uganda, mubende district to be precise, partly entering lake wamala and partly touching the mubende - fortportal highway for sale at $500 an acre.
  • Facenet Investments Limited


  • Pearl Food Processors And Exporters Ltd

    Plot 38-42 Luzira Kampala, Kampala Central

    Pearl Food Processors and exporters are exporters of fresh agricultural products from Uganda. Our Exports include:-Fresh Bananas, Avocados,Sweet Potatoes,Pumpkins,Pineapples, Chill etc. Contact us through , Tel no 0772340130
  • Jambo Tannery Uganda Ltd

    custom road, busia Uganda Kampala, Kampala

    We are Company based in Uganda, East Africa, We deal in export of Dried nile perch maw and tanned wet blue cow, goat and sheep skins.

  • Alcom Technology Ltd

    Plot 3B namirembe road kampala,

    Dear Sir/Madam, We are ALCOM TECHNOLOGY LTD, were established in 1999 and we have got a ten year bussiness exprience.we dealers all Computer & hardware, IT Technology machinery, electronics,, commmunication systems, would like to establish good working patnership with your compant help us grow our supply as intend maximise ...
  • The Best Gold To Buy In Bulk In Congo Africa +256706664586

    high street arua,

    The standard gold bar held as reserves by central banks and traded among bullion dealer is the 400-troy-ounce (12.4 kg or 438.9 ounces) Good Delivery bar.1 troy ounce = how many grams 31.1 grams1 gram ounces. 0.032154341 ouncesAs of close market on: 10 June 2011 at 5:15 PMPrice Gold in Troy Ounce USD $1531 per ounces Mid Price1 x ...

    Namuwongo Rd

    We are the exporters of all kinds fresh fruits, vegetables, vegetable oils, seafood, Chemicals, scrap materials, and other products. export these products to markets around Globe such as Middle East, Africa, Asia etc. Our reputation is built on customer care high quality if you an importer,retailer or commercial agent looking ...
  • NIFTA Uganda Limited

    Raja Chambers Parliament Ave Kampala, Kampala

    Youth organization, fighting poverty through trade, and fair pricing, willing to partner with any organization with the same mission, vision and goals.
  • Tony International Trading Co. Uganda Ltd

    15 Kampala Rd Kampala, Capital

    We are company based in Qingdao China.Branches in NZ,USA,UG.Our main biz is to build power plant,minor cement plant.
  • Babuddu Trading Company

    lot 5 Mukisa rd Kampala,

    Dear Sir/Madam, Please send us your good price for Bed sheets, blankets,Computers and their parts, powdered milk, aspartame, sodium saccharine chemicals so that we can place an order. Your quick reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks regards, Scott B Babuddu Trading Company Plot 5 Mukisa rd P.O.Box 2710 Kampala, Uganda ...