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  • Advertising Agency "Pro-Motion"

    Ponomarenko St. 43a / 307

    Working out of the advertising concept.Graphic design any degree complexity.Working logos, trade marks, corporate style programs.Creation marks.Working slogans and copyright.Working creative concepts.Design breadboard models for press.Design imposition printing production.Design multipage polygraphic ...
  • BIMAplast

    Zavodskaya 36A Logojsk, Belaru

    BIMAplast Ltd. specializes in production, wholesale and distribution of plastic products different utilization. We offer Europallets (Trays), Boxes, Benches, Sunbeds, polymer Welding Rods (Welding bead). Our are certificated accompanied by all necessary documents.BIMAplast pays great attention to quality ...
  • JSC Belarusrezinatechnika

    Minskaya str. 102

    Open Joint Stock Company Belarusrezinotechnica is one of the largest manufacturers rubber components within Republic Belarus. Established during 1950s, plant has enjoyed many years growth. The plants current workforce is in excess 2000.The production portfolio includes hoses, conveyor belts, polyurethane components, ...

    34 drombrosco

  • Microvideosystem

    15/1 Logojski trakt Minsk,

    We buy raw materials IC grade for growing mono silicon ingots:- broken wafers- polysilicon- pot scrap- ingots chunk
  • Fatkulin, PUE

    169/2G Molodezhnaya

  • UAB "Olymak"

    er. Pozharny Belaruss, Mogilev

    company engaged in cargo transportation. Transportation of goods from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus to Europe and back. We want to offer you our services.
  • JV Bielita Ltd.

    UL. Dekabristov, 29A

  • Kola Chasu

  • BETIXDREV Private Company

    30-58 Kolas, Minsk, Belarus,220013

    Private company Betixdrev is working since 1999 with solid pine and producing indoor and outdoor furniture, edge glued panels, construction materials. It possess own production area about 4ha.

    Socialisticheskaya, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, Belarus,220102

  • Belama Plu

    Lenin, 242 Orsha, Vitebsk

    Dear sirs,we have pleasure herewith to offer Straw pellest to be used as fuel and animal beddingSize: 6-8 mmAsh: 3.4-4% (max 6%)Humidity: 15%Output: 1000 t/monthDelivery: EXW-DDUPrice: 50 Euro/ton EXW

    Kamennogorskaja, 82-165


  • China Jiang Su Shu Too Filter Co., Ltd

    Liberates west road 8, Yancheng, Jiangsu, Belarus,224300


    Karvatava 73-1-2, Minsk, Belarus,220138

  • Grodno Vegetable Processing

    village Gibulichi Grodno, Grodnenskaya

    Manufacturing: wood products, lumber cut and uncut (coniferous, deciduous), beam, truss system, firewood, etc.Services: Sawing, shipping timber, felling, drying, etc.
  • Kristal

    Oktyaborskaya street, 15 Minsk, Minskaya

    Minsk Kristall RUE - the largest producer of alcoholic RB Idel. Specializes in production rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw material, vodka, liquors, wines, fruits, fruit and berries, sweet bitter liqueurs, cognacs, brandy, drinking carbonated water. The enterprise includes isolated structural unit: Berezinsky ...
  • VDV Co Ltd.

    Moskovskaja 362 / 3

  • Alberti

    Fabrichnaya street, 1

  • Optitec-Mainz Ltd

    4 Novgorodskaya Str.

    We are, H&A Material Group Co., an international direct provider and mandate of the most famos world factories in different fields like Natural Minerals Ores, Chemical Petrochemical Products, Metal Business, Fuel refineries business, other commodities. have many companies which consists our Group. Our target is to provide ...
  • OptimaConsult LTD

    Karastoyanovoj str., 32, Minsk, Belarus,220068

  • EuroCoffee Bygroup


    Shafarnianska 18-14

  • Plant Of Power Engineering

    Molodejnaia, Novopolotsk, Vitebskaia,211440