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  • Grinvich Consulting

    About Grinvich Consulting was founded in 2012, as a subsidiary company of ltd, which was initially established 2010 manufacture and trading company. ltd dealt with production and promotion bio-fuel alternative energy sources Belarus Europe. At that time, Grinvich started to consult its partners on various ...
  • Metal Home Limited

    Promyshlennaya 3 Novopolotsk Vitebskaya Region 211440 Vitebskaya, Vitebskaya

    We provide the highest quality products with most competitive prices. Reliable credit and timely delivery are our main advantages. would like to build a long stable business relationship every potential customer from all over world. If any interests in products, please feel free contact us ASAP. waiting offer you best service. ...

    14-307a Pervomaiskaya Str., Minsk, Belarus, Belarus,220030

    WOODINVEST, Minsk (Belarus), produces and delivers AD & KD edged sawn timber of SIBERIAN LARCH. Siding, Cladding, Decking, T&G Flooring, Glued Panels other products can be produced by request. All are manufactured under customers requirements. Monthly production capacity is about 1000 m3 wood in logs. On request more detailed ...
  • Nikita Gas And Oil

    Lenina street 8a Vitebsk, Vitebsk

    We are certified mandate to the end seller's, we have reliable Seller with Refineries and able fulfill your orders. my seller their own server (Refinery) for production of all Russian products.such as. d2,mazut,jp 54,lng,lpg,urea.only genuine buyers should please contact us.thank ...
  • Laser Quantum Therapy (LLLT)

    13 Rue Street 200-156 Minsk,

    =LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY(LLLT)=ACUPUNCTURE =COLD LASER=(LLLT)You are looking at theLow level COLD quantum therapy + Acupuncture 'Vityaz' ('Vityas') medical device. Analog of RIKTA Wavelenght - 620-880 nm It comes directly from the manufacturer, accordingly LOW PRICE THIS DEVICE IS NEW IN THE BOX ...
  • Maria Khramtsova


    You want to look perfect and beautiful understand what things are appropriate for you elegant practical At the consultation, can learn:1. Which hairstyle suits your needs:1.1. Imagemaker has developed a unique system of choosing recipes coloring cutting hair. Now get individual recipe selection colors, which allow dye hair at ...
  • Quot;Brush Mater" LTD

    Per Severnyi 13

  • Lovingtone Commerce Ltd. (Minsk Branch)

    Loginskaia, 9

  • M5 Group., Ltd

    Behtereva str. 8-422 Minsk,

    We represent the largest manufacturers of a carbamide (urea 46) CIS. At moment we can already offer you Russian manufactures, also to be prepared from Ukraine.The price 284$ FOB with establishment letter credit such is manufacturer. This includes cost our services (5 %from sum) thus, 270$ producer's + 5 % and as itis written ...
  • Distant Enterprises L.P.

    Korolia 88, Minsk, Minsk, Belarus,220004

    DISTANT ENTERPRISES L.P. is an international company specialized intrading of  flax fiber and potato starch. The main marketsare: EU countries, China, Japan, India, etc.In today's world, where constant evolution speed are the mainattributes of all spheres, our stays true to its traditionsand values. Our mission provide ...
  • BelSwissColour

    8a Slavinsky St. ; Po Box 220086

  • OJSC Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange

    Kazintsa Str. 2 - 200  Minsk,

    OJSC Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange is established in accordance with the Law of Republic Belarus “On Exchanges”.GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND FUNCTIONSBelarusian was a view: * to improve mechanism government regulation field domestic and foreign trade; develop formal wholesale market; provide equal access give ...
  • Shenzhen Rui Strong Technology Co., LTD

    xixiang, Shenzhen, guangdong, Belarus,518000

    Shenzhen rui strong technology Co., LTD. Is mainly manufacturing and sales miner's accessories, finished the head lamp, fluorescent perform led digital tubes, lights, spotlights, lamp series, lighting, 3020 3528, light, tube fittings products processing, professional production company headquartered in shenzhen, ...
  • DN Company

  • OPP Chasprom

    ul.M.Gorkogo, 145B Vitebsk, Vitebsk obl.

    OPP Chasprom is a producer and supplier of quartz wall clocks by trade mark TROYKA. Operating at the market since 1995 company has gained list respected partners with each whom have signed long-term contracts. Benefits partnership OOO Chasprom: high quality production reasonable prices timely order wide range different ...
  • Larex Ltd

    Mihanovichy POB 1 Minsk,

    Dear Sirs, Our wood processing plant was established in 2003. company is dealing with production and of timber.The equipped modern rigs, kiln complex electronic control which allow to produce articles high quality from pine, spruce, alder, birch, larch.The produces the following range products:Edged board, KD All kinds ...
  • Rumar LLC

  • Granitem

    Gorkogo st. 91 , ABK 1 Grodno,

    Tombstones monuments , shanxi blacksizes needed:70 �50 �5 cm - monument55 �12 �10 cm - slab 70 �50 �8 cm - monument55 �12 �10 cm - slab 100 �60 �5 cm - monument60 �15 �14 cm - slab different desig
  • Offshore Software Development Company EffectiveSoft

    31A - 212 Khoruzhey Minsk,

    EffectiveSoft offers a wide range of custom software development services for various industry domains. expertise in executing offshore projects includes requirements analysis, the design product specification, development, testing, and technical support. At customer?s request, we deliver off-the-shelf with end-user ...
  • Advertising Agency "Pro-Motion"

    Ponomarenko St. 43a / 307

    Working out of the advertising concept.Graphic design any degree complexity.Working logos, trade marks, corporate style programs.Creation marks.Working slogans and copyright.Working creative concepts.Design breadboard models for press.Design imposition printing production.Design multipage polygraphic ...
  • BIMAplast

    Zavodskaya 36A Logojsk, Belaru

    BIMAplast Ltd. specializes in production, wholesale and distribution of plastic products different utilization. We offer Europallets (Trays), Boxes, Benches, Sunbeds, polymer Welding Rods (Welding bead). Our are certificated accompanied by all necessary documents.BIMAplast pays great attention to quality ...
  • JSC Belarusrezinatechnika

    Minskaya str. 102

    Open Joint Stock Company Belarusrezinotechnica is one of the largest manufacturers rubber components within Republic Belarus. Established during 1950s, plant has enjoyed many years growth. The plants current workforce is in excess 2000.The production portfolio includes hoses, conveyor belts, polyurethane components, ...

    34 drombrosco

  • Microvideosystem

    15/1 Logojski trakt Minsk,

    We buy raw materials IC grade for growing mono silicon ingots:- broken wafers- polysilicon- pot scrap- ingots chunk
  • Fatkulin, PUE

    169/2G Molodezhnaya