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    Shafarnianska 18-14

  • Plant Of Power Engineering

    Molodejnaia, Novopolotsk, Vitebskaia,211440

  • Kalvas. M. O. E

    Sovetskaya Street, Gomel, Other

  • Lentastyle LLC

    Leytenanta Ryabtceva 110

  • Belpride LLC

  • OJSC Brest Stoking Mill

    Yanki Kupaly 3

    OJSC"Brest Stocking Mill" is one of the largest companies light industry which specializes in hosiery production for all sexual age and social groups population. The company`s motto BEAUTY AND QUALITY has been realized products "Brest more than 40 years. ...

    16 Korzhenevskogo Republic Of Belaru

    JSC "INTEGRAL" "TRANSISTOR" Branch is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the center of Europe with almost a 40-year experience in manufacturing transistors, diodes, ICs and other active electronic components.
  • BelImpoTrade Ltd.

    Severny, Minsk, Belarus,220050

    Dear Sirs,BelImpoTrade Ltd. Is a fast growing company that is working with road constructing organizations and industrial plants supply in the Republic of Belarus. One our brunches distribution reflecting sheeting for traffic sign manufacturing. At same time new direction exporting goods from moment we have offering you high ...
  • AMTengineering

    Leninskaja 105 Minsk Region, Ostroshitski Gorodok

    Roll forming machines, cross-wedge rolling slitting and cut-to-length lines - manufacturing, servicing
  • Medpharm Plast

    1,adishwer complex, ahmedabad, gujarat, Belarus,380013

    we are leading manufacture of pharmaceutical product and disposible surgical product ,we are looking for good buyer and distributer in middle east ,africa and c,i,s country .if any good compny are intrested so contect us,xxxxx
  • EffectiveSoft, Ltd.

    31-A Khoruzhey Str.

    EffectiveSoft, Ltd. Is a software development company located in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe) . We offer full cycle custom programming services, from product idea, offshore to outsourcing support and enhancement. The employs large pool of engineers coming different backgrounds. are able balance efforts project duration ...
  • UAB Ekotech


    UAB Ekotech Company, based in Lithuania and Belarus, is dedicated to export import of parts for OEM clients mainly from the automotive sector. At moment company searching reliable buyers or distributors that need only high-quality shock absorbers trucks (IVECO, MAN, SCANIA, DAF, MERZEDEZ, etc.) trailers. We also produce ...
  • Acart Holding Co.

    Kijevatov, Minsk, Belarus,220024

    Dear Sirs, We are one the principal European chipboard & MFC manufacturers. We can supply to you PB, MFC, *****1 glue, EN-312 at very competitive price. For further details please ring my number below or send an e-mail:Regards - Maroshak Dzmitry
  • Red Rocket

    avangardnaya, minsk, Belarus,220037

    We are searching for a good deal. So let`s make some! Because time is not waiting. It`s time for business.
  • UAB Broomku


    UAB Broomkus is an import and export company working with a number of key manufacturers to bring top-quality products global markets. Our quickly-developing located in Vilnius, Lithuania works effectively producers, suppliers, dealers end-users all over the world. We meet demands our clients due attention details make deal ...
  • Synalloy

    320 e 65 st, New York, New York, Belarus,10065

    Altec have been dealing with apple iphone production and other apple interesting products and accessories , for best service and affordable wholesale price for iPhones.
  • Ubuilder Grou

    Esenina, 60 Minsk, Minsk

    The Ubuilder Group company is ready to offer you decorative concrete articles. We make a reinforced fence, besser blocks for columns, stylish flowerpots, boxes, fiberglass forms fences and other. Production in Belarus near Minsk.We steel lattices of channels agricultural industry. These slot-hole floors can be applied ...
  • Palmer Import And Export Limited

    raspiekt Pieramo?ca? 59 GOMEL, GOMEL

    we are palmer import and export limited.we registered company in the republic of Belarus,have good qaulity wood pellet,of various type such as,spirulina pellets,wheat bran pellet,pfi raw pellets,trout pellets,shrimp pellets,pure pa6 reprocessed pellet,GPPS EPS recycled pellet,soya bean meal pellet,corrugated ...
  • RUE "Zavod Gazetnoy Bumagi"

    1st Zavodskaya street,9 Shklov, Belaru

    Branch "Domostroenie" of RUE "Zavod gazetnoy bumagi" produces frame-panel and glued laminated beam houses, sheathing, glued laminated beam, imitation of beam, floor board. Our production capacities allow us to produce about 250 houses per year.
  • Gomelcable JSC

    Sovetskaja 151

  • Luki-trade

    t. Cherviakova 4-108 Minsk, Bel

    Luki-Trade Company is engaged in peat briquette selling.In recent years, our business interests have been limited to partnerships with companies former Soviet Union (Russia, Latvia, Ukraine) and Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary). The strategy of good neighborhood relations well-established ties ...
  • RafterM, Inc

    Masherov str. 11 Minsk,

    We are RafterM- a company from the Republic Of Belarus, country of agricultural products and innovations. Our business specialisation is fertilizer, high class nano-technologies, SAPROMEL fertilizer. product-new sapropel fertilizer will help your to grow up 7-10 times faster than ever. Please contact our specialists any ...
  • SOOO "TD InstrumentKomplekt"

    Knorina str., 560-302A Minsk, Minsk

    We are SOOO ��D InstrumentKomplekt�� trade company with 12 years experience in the market of tool and equipment.Our is one biggest field hand tools, power tools construction equipment Belarus. There more than 2000 manufacturing companies among our customers about 200 dealers all round country; year turnover then 20 ...
  • Polimaster Ltd


    Polimaster is a recognized world-leader in the development and manufacturing of professional equipment for monitoring, detecting, locating identifying nuclear radioactive materials. We provide complete line radiation control equipment.Our products are used all over world by military branches, hospitals, customs ...