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  • Blue Star Investment


    We are exporter of gold dust, bar and diamond from Liberia,West Africa for the past 3 yearsWe take care your satisfaction in working with usWe can supply you any these products without delayWe also assure that there is safety tranparency all ourtransactionYou welcome to work us anytime ...
  • African Enterprise Liberia

    15th Street, Sinkor

  • Lib HMS One And Two Trading Incorporatio

    ELWA Paynesville City, Monrovia

    Lib HMS one and two Trading IncorporationWe are scrap trading Incorporation fully registered with the Liberian government export License. We do delivery to every part of world our term payment is TT delieverywithin fourty days terms conditions very flexible prices negotiable.We have 1 2 in stock (200,000MT) Used Rail ...
  • Pearl International Inc.

    Robertfield Highway

    Pearl International Inc. was extablished in August 2007. We have just obtained license to export sawn/processed timber by the Forestry Development Authority of Liberia. Our products exported are well control and quality ensured us. iroko, mahogony, lovoa, eke teli many more tropical timbers. Give us your specifications we ...
  • Wojah International Marketing Group/Trans Atlantic

    100 SD Cooper Road Monrovia,

    We sell scrap directly from Monrovia , Liberia. No quanity limitations . Good quality ,good prices. ...

    24 street Sinko, Monrovia, Monserrado, Liberia,00231

    We are SELERASCIPTA COMMUNICATION COMPANY in Liberia, Monrovia WestAfrican. deal with all types of mobile phones, new brand,Refurbished and Used phones. got our product fromHungary, Indonesia, Korea, India, HK USA. alltypes have them large quantities. areready to supply any buyers destination prices termsis affordable. ...
  • Cameron Technologies Inc

    1 duport road junction

    Cam Wood (Baphia nitida)Cameron Technologies is a raw material exporting company that specializes in the sales of industrial materials Liberian origin which includes, wood chips, rubber, coffee, logs and LumberWe are currently promoting our product we offer following as stated below:Below term:Place Origin ...
  • Lib Export Import Traders Inc

    14 benson street monrovia, mont

    We are a business company that involved in buying used phones from users and sell them bulks or pieces to Companies entities. we also have affiliation with some mobile manufacturing companies the USA,Finland japan, so their new product customers need them. do Laptop computers. ...
  • Omonedo Mine Company

    road, panyseville, Liberia

    i started as a small mine company here in liberia in may 2003 ever since then my company has turn to a big mine company, i have use my company to empower many youth in liberia, i have 23kt of gold dust 69%purity, quality 127, origin liberia avaliable for export to any destinatio
  • Hensay Investment & Trading Company

    Sinkor, Old Road Monrovia, Monsterrado

    Hensay Investment & Trading Company is currently trading and manufacturing general merchandise, and diversified forest products.
  • Walfes Trading

    S. D. Cooper Rd, Oldest Congo Tow

  • Khaled Incoperated


    we are business incoperated licence by liberia goverment dully ownby liberia.our entitie serve in many capacity mostly minerals and wood to manycounries both home and abroad.
  • Kukatono Scrap Incorporatio


    We are Kukatono Scrap Incorporation; we work directly under the Intercontinental Export Incorporation which is only fully registered scrap exporting company with Liberian Government. To prove us right, kindly check business registration website for Incorporation.We have large quantities of HMS 1 and 2 in our yards cut ready ...
  • Dendo Group Inc.

    24th street monrovia, Montserrado

    we have shell kernels and high quality red palm oil. interested buyer can contact us with their specificaiton needs and we will be happy to supply.
  • Morweh Liberia Limited

    Benson Street Monrovia, Montserrado

    We are participating in a major bid for fleet of Caterpillar Equipment to supply the Government Liberia reconstruction roads and infrastructure. This is urgent must be completed within twelve days. Due lack technicians latest production caterpillar electronic equipment, interested buying equipment between 2003 -2006 with ...
  • Chartered Enterprise Limited

    Freeport, Bushrod Island Monrovia, Montserrado

    My company is called Chartered Enterprise Limited and we are into selling palm kernels shells, in whole, or even the palm itself. Our company was estabilshed in 2008. We believe that we can offer the best kind of services needed by any buyer.
  • HTC Company LImited

    Randall street

  • SKT Farmers Group Of Businesses Inc


    SKT Farmers group of businesses was established in 2013 by fourpeople. The company is situated the central part ofLiberia. Its main activities are: logging, construction, mining,exploration, export sawn hardwood timber, softwood soliciting contracts, concessions grants and manymore. well managed a professional ...
  • International Scrap Incorporatio

    Red Lilght Paynesville, Montserrado

    The International Scrap Incorporation is a metal scrap company who export all kinds of scraps to any save world port. We are situated in the republic liberia be specific west africa.We currently have our yard on seven second boulevard and we 1002678mt hms one two do accept tt payment serious buyer or buyers can contact us through ...
  • Sawbos Enterprise

    2134 Benson Street

    The Sawbos enterprise is located in Liberia west Africa. This company imports and export. Presently, it is focusing on exported rubber (the raw materia) to where it is most needed. Here are the contactsin the united states.
  • YAEHD Service

    Benson/Guarley, Monrovia, Liberia, Liberia,1000

    YAEHD AgricultureCooperative Services is based in Liberia and an agriculture organization that have been helping war affected farmers for the past years decided to empower Liberian famers producing jatropha cassava products International markerts seeking partnership with Tradkey go into business these two products. just ...
  • Nyomah And Tanwone Coperatio

    Nyomah and Tawone plam farm, Zwedru, Liberia, Liberia,n/a

    Nyomah and Tanwone coperation decided to transport country cooking red oil from Liberia/ zwedru, west Africa to any buyer around the world especially any buying company that ready for business.
  • Treedy Scrap Trade Incorporatio

    SKD Boulevard  Monrovia, Liberia

    We are situated in the Liberian nation Capital Monrovia, to be specific; Congo Town, Boulevard, Monrovia Liberia. have large quantities of metals scrap HMS 1and 2 stocks for shipment any serious and end buyer or buyers at safe world port.We 47,680,000MT 1 available sale including Used Rails 1410,000MT . deliver save seaport ...
  • Soli Battery Scrap Company

    Benson street Monrovia,

    We have a yard where we dump battery scrap in large quantity, sell them per metric ton and our price is affordable. can ship to any buyer destination, all be clean water must remove inside the cell before export out from country. sign monthly contract supply 2,000 every month x 12 also do partnership with interested buyer. Please ...
  • Rosemart Inc.


    We are a 100% Liberian owned Logging Company fully registered anddo harvesting of Plantation woods Like Gmelina Aborea, and rightsto community forests where we harvest assorted species like Iroko,Ekki,Bamboo,E.T.C for pupose of Export.