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  • Onacril S.A.

    Isabela, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay,12000

    Onacril S.A., is a cosmetic lab in Uruguay. Our main products are based in Marcela Extract, (achyrocline satureoides).
  • Perales Del Sur S.A.

    Agraciada 2541 of 101

  • Maria Plaz SPA Natura

    arequita 227 / 02

  • Bencare Uruguay Ltda

    Br. Artigas 220-Piso 8

  • World Exports Exchange LLC

    Calle San Pedro Esquina Santa Rosa M265 S12

    We are export/import liquidation and closeout specialists. We also have a focus towards long term contracts and developing favorable international business relationships in the trade industry.
  • Beyond Latam


    Beauty Development Corp. is specialized in the development of color cosmetics and high image packaging for beauty treatments with competitive prices. Our styles, produced GMPC (Good Manufacturing Cosmetic Practices) shows latest's trends make up, using innovative packaging's. distributors finds our ...


    Comercio 1922, Montevideo, Uruguay,11400

  • Aminco Ltda

    Cavia 2712

  • Naturessence Ltd.


    Naturessence is an enterprise that process and export for pharmaceutical, chemical, nutraceutical, other companies, with only one requirement: they must look excellence. We offer high quality. Our products are cultivated in Uruguay, South America. This little country of the less contaminated countries world. Besides, ...
  • Ibiza Sun Uruguay

    HERNANI 1641- APTO 201

  • Matias Gonzalez

    Colonia 842, Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay

    Our laboratory has 100 years manufacturing natural cosmetics for the major spas in south america. In our web you will find professional products for spas and home .
  • Climey International

    Rincon 512, 1st floor, Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay,11000

    Climey International was born to work as a hub between two big markets, like China and Brasil. It's locations in Uruguay, the reaal middleware into Mercosur region (Common South Market, joined by Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile) it's a big skill for its business.
  • Mercosul Grou

    rio de la plata 1658, montevideo, montevideo, Uruguay,11400

    We want to introduce our products into the europe market and asian market, we are a new company in international trade with 7 years of experience.
  • Valdestar Sa

    julio cesar 1185  montevideo ,

    we have warehousing .duty free border shop, forest and import -export company