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  • Quasar Ltd

    Suhumiyskoe shosse 21 Novorossiysk,

    Good day, permit to introduce to You our company Quasar Ltd. The main activities of our company is import to Russian market MDF (medium density fiberboard) and Chipboard. Also we can export timber, plywood.
  • Yantarnaya Pryad-Parquet Group Of Co.

    Moscowskaya, Khimki, Moscow, Russia,141400

    "Yantarnaya Pryad - Parquet group" has been successfully working at the Russian and international markets since 1999. Having developed parquet manufacturing technique both by hi-tech mechanical method of wood processing ( programmed numerical control), classical processing, means high-precision laser technique, our ...
  • Treartex

    Bolshaya Semyonovskaya, Moscow, Russia

    Supplier & distributor of flame retardant fabrics & leathers for hotels, theatres, railways and ships.
  • Lespil LLC

    Promyshlennaya, syktyvkar, komi, Russia

    Lespil is large sawmill in the north region of Russia. located inSyktyvkar , Komi republic, For produce timber spruce andpine . board humidity 12-18% (KD) and also fresh boards (naturalhumidity ). For many years we gained a good reputation by exporting to severalmarkets around world (Europe, Arab gulf countries EastAsia)Our ...
  • WeLLeading Grou

    12/3 Pogodinskaya street Moscow,

    We are a direct mandate to end seller's companies in Russia, that Producer and Seller all type of Cement. We can supply any guantity of Portland Cement in 50kg or bulk to CIF, FOB and Spot.
  • Baikalsk PPM JS Co./Sawmill & Wood Gluing Plant Branch

    Promploshadka St., 1 Baikalsk, Irkutsk regio

    Softwood (pine, larch)glued products as follows:1. glulam beam (post, mast, crossbeam, joist, rail and 3-layer window beam;2. profile wall & construction beam;3. glued flooring board, sill, step;4. furniture panel;5. linings;6. log imitation board;7. base frame moulding, casing;8. garden parquet/decking (larch). ...
  • Baltic Crown Ltd

    Suvorova, Kaliningrad, Russia, Russia,236000

    Our company is a specialist exporter' agency for plywood and prides itselfon offering the highest quality products available in this market. Our strong partnership are biggest manufacturers form Russia. Reliable deliveries from Company's warehouses to the clients' doors.
  • K-700 Co., Ltd.

    7 Krasina Tyumen,

    Our company provides research and trade-agent services for distribution enterprises of various kind.
  • Europromtrade

    1 Grayvaronovski, Moskow, Russia,15450

    EuropromTrade" is a structural subdivision of large holding TROY GROUP companies. LTD "EuropromTrade" was founded in 1997 as trade company delivering fixturing units for utility systems and ventilation equipment. Company delivers both needs wide range customers Russia neighbouring countries. More than 9 years successful ...
  • Charusa Ltd.

    Shkotova str., 22 Khabarovsk, Khabarovsky krai

    The company is engaged in export and import operations with China since 2003. Key areas of activity: the delivery of machinery, equipment and materials.
  • United Wood Company

    Papanincev, Perm, Russia

    Main size:25*100-320*3000, 4000, 600040*100-320*3000, 4000, 600050*100-320*3000, 4000, 600063*100-320*3000, 4000, 600075*100-320*3000, 4000, 6000Spruce, pine
  • JSC SE Victoria-90

    Fayansovaya, Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia,192019

    Joint-Stock Company « MT Victoria-90» (2001) affiliated company ofSmall Enterprise "Victoria" based in September, 1990 inSt.-Petersburg. The activity of has begun with activeparticipation creation a St.-Petersburg Commodity-stockexchange "St.-Petersburg", the member which became October,1990. broker office SE is ...
  • Lainer LTD

    Zaitseva 32, St.Petersburg, Russia,198188

    We are Lainer LTD based in St.Petersburg , Russia. member of since February, 2010. Our business is related to Industrial Machinery industry and we specifically deal Larch planks. Please find our product details below:Larch planksLarch planks sawed by an agreed specification can be delivered place trucks, ...

    150, pr. 100-let Vladivostoka Vladivostok,

    Our company the involved in buildings and construction business in Russia.Also we are manufacture any kind of doors and windows (aluminum, PVC and wood).
  • JSC Parfino Plywood Factory

    Kirova,52, Novgorod region, Parfino, Russia,175130

    JSC Parfino plywood factory is one of the leading Russian manufacturers birch plywood. Annual valium produced about 120 000 m3, mark FK. Our trade well-known on worldwide market and much in demand, both domestic foreign market. The quality our meets to demand. Plywood exports Europe countries, USA Canada.Product ...
  • Barwood

    Teplis stan d4 Moscow,

    Sell sawn timber, planed timber, unedged timber, baulk, cant of spruce, fir, pine, ash, larch, oak, cedar, birch, linden, yew, elm from Russia. We work only with the specification - price depends on your specificatio
  • NaraiFreight

    Shurtygina str. Kazan city,

    On behalf of NaraiFreight ltd company we would like toexpress you our respect. Russian freight-forwarding renders the following services on its clients since 2006: sea, rail, truck and air transportation vital import shipments as well within CIS.The regional network in Russia encompasses such cities Kazan, ...
  • Centa Prom Group LLC

    5/1 Shosse Entuziastov  Moscow,

    We CENTA PROM TRADING is a direct registered mandate to end Seller Company that Producer and Seller all types of Ordinary Portland Cement. Packing in 25kg and 50kg or bulk. Contact us for the at: centapromtrading(at)yandex(dot)ru
  • LTD Partner Technoplu

    Internacionalnaya Ukhta, Komi Republic

    Ltd Partner Technoplus was established in 1995. The main activity of a company is export of different products - timber, paper products and print paper, metal goods, drilling equipment.
  • Eastwood Export

    Baikalskaya, Irkutsk, Russia, Other, Russia

    We are a seller of solid wood products for construction and furniture industries.Primary product categories are larch sawn timber, floor boards, terrace boards, construction products and pine/spruce/cedar furniture component