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  • Baltwood Grou

    Daukanto st. 33 Klaipeda, Klaipeda

    Baltwood Group is supplying wood, furniture elements, construction timber and other materials from wood.

    Other, Lithuania

    JSC REMETA is rapidly advancing, goal seeking, and growing company. Our main activity to supply products needed for geothermalheating installation. These include: HDPE distribution manifolds, chamberswith integrated vertical probes, HDPEpipes a lot more geothermal heatinginstallation.Since we produce most of our ...
  • Svajuno Dapsio Company

    Ryto, Akmene, Litauen, Lithuania,85824

    We are Svajuno Dapsio company based in Akmene , Lithuania. member of since November, 2008. Our business is related to Packaging & Printing industry and we specifically deal suppliers different sizes wooden pallets.. Please find our product details below:We selling wood palletsHallo, Company pallets:One way ...
  • Rembilda, UAB

    Netoniai vill Kaunas, Kauna

    TradeVerify We provide energy efficient homes and renovation services, using modern timber construction technology. Our experienced designers will create the home that you desire, whilst our engineers build team turn designs into reality. utilise a wide range of materials, from standard / cost effective, to exclusive ...
  • S.LaskauskoI.I

    Pakalniai, Utena, , Lithuania Utena,

    I am a furniture manufadture .We want to buy melamine MDF Board,if you have the products I wanted plaese let me know.Details as followsize:1220*2440*16mm The MDF must be laminto in . Maple .and China Walnut laminto please let me no your price FOB China port
  • Viking Industrier

    Tilzes 156-212, Siauliai, Lithuania

    Viking Industrier is a production, sales and engineer company with more than 50 employees production facilities at 10.000 m2. We offer wide range of products services including: *Element houses *Garden *Biofuels *Windows doors*Architectural servicesVision:Our vision to be customers, partners the most valued wood metal ...
  • Megrame Export, UAB

    Kirtimu str. 37A, Vilnius, Lithuania

    The quality management system ISO 9001 and the environmental protection 14001 have been introduced in all factories of Megrame Group Companies. companies' products are certified for integrity, performance security according different EU, UK Russian requirements. All Export CE marking.MEGRAME timber timber-aluminium to ...
  • UAB Iralit

    Palemono Keraminka Palemonas, Lithuania

    UAB Iralit offers to sell wooden poles for electricity/telecom. The poles may be impregnated or not impregnated. In addition all measurements, the depth and type of impregnation, impregnant, delivery mode are all at buyer's request.
  • Impregnated Timber

    grikstaiciai, Vezaiciu seniunija, Klaipedos apskritis, Lithuania,LT 9783

    treated timber, pallets.Big quantyty wood production from Lithuania.We can sell diferent kinds buildind wood material.
  • Litprofit


    We are Litprofit based in , Lithuania. member of since January, 2012. Our business is related to Textile & Leather Products industry and we specifically deal used clothes,summer clothing africa,small balles africa. Please find our product details below:High quality B grade clothingWe sell high summer winter ...
  • GG Floor

    P. Verkiu str 44, Vilnius, Lithuania,LT-09109

    Established in 1995, as a member of Libra group , Medzio apdaila Ltd is manufacturer and wholesale/retail distributor hardwood flooring. We have retail chain through-out Lithuania now looking for expansion to other countries. The main article we are producing 20 mm OAK ASH solid 135/165mm wide planks (prefinished, stained, ...
  • JSC "Azuolitos Prekyba"

    Meskoniu, Jonava, Lithuania,LT-55196

    Principal activity of our company is trade fresh cut and kiln dried oak wood elements boards. The production for sale used manufacturing floor, furniture, windows, stairs doors. CJSC "Azuolitos prekyba" partners are Swedish, Finnish, Austrian, Danish Lithuanian companies. ...
  • Northern Baltic

    Other, Lithuania

    Northern Baltic is a Norwegian capital company which was founded in 2006. Our main activity to hire out labour force for construction companies, are building traditional wood houses. able offer qualified personnel all kind of sectors, boat production and drawing services. As the employer, responsible employees who hired ...
  • Plantas Ltd

    Dubysos 7 Klaipeda, LT

    PLANTAS is a closed joint-stock company, dealing with local and international trade of wood products.Our products � mostly wooden pallets, pallet blanks, outer inner doors, houses are exported to the markets Scandinavian countries EU, partly sold in Lithuania. A well arranged coordinated system collaboration handlers ...
  • Juratex

    Ateities, Vilnius, LT, Lithuania,06326

    The main company business is making of ladies, mens and childrens clothes. Close relationship between Lithuanian producers makes possible to offer client big range production: ladies trousers, skirts, jackets, blouses, coats overcoats, blazers, jackets overcoats. JSC Juratex Your reliable partner top level supplier. Our ...
  • CAPITAL Realty

    Naujakiemio str. 3-85, Klaipeda, Lithuania,LT-94209

    CAPITAL is a young, ambitious network of real estate agenciesseeking to qualitative breakthrough in the brokeragemarket. Convertible terms our work are reliability, speed, andmaximum financial result for client. Start networkin Lithuania success story. We managed grow up 15CAPITAL offices less than two and half years, ...
  • Altoji Juosta

    kombinato, kaunas, Lithuania,837

    We are baltoji juosta based in kaunas , Lithuania. member of since February, 2008. Our business is related to Packaging & Printing industry and we specifically deal paper rolls\\. Please find our product details below:Sell thermal rollsHello, manufacturer offering high quality Thermal register rolls. 57*50 ...
  • Selvora Grou

    J. Biliuno 10, Plunge, Lithuania, Lithuania,LT-90157

    We are a Lithuanian origin company, located not far from the seaport of Klaipeda. Our main activities wood processing, export/import wooden products. also offer business development, sales, marketing and new market adoption services.JSC Selvora Group key objective is to get into long-term relations. ...
  • UAB Komforto Sprendimai

    Other, Lithuania

    JSC Komforto sprendimaiLithuaniaMain business area: various countertop solutions made from solidsurface materials, based on acrylic or polyester. We participate indifferent interior projects with architects, designers,construction engineers. Our architects will advice you, if you haveany issues about options of ...
  • V. Razmos Ii

    Klaipedos 3, Plikiai, Klaipedos, Lithuania,96231

    We are in Klaipeda district, and we drying timber: birch, pine, and fir. We are able to process 30 cubic meters of birch per month