• Dae Young Co.


    We deals with trademarks of Top 4 sports brands, Nike,Adidas, Reebook,Fila, etc.Daeyoung commercial(company) has been provided customized rubber logos and coated TPRlogos over twenty years. have pride in leading Rubber logo TPRLogo Korea. Daehyng Commere(Trading) manufactures all goods that customers need. are going to ...
  • Dongjin Trade Co.

    B-403, Myungsung Bldg, 996-2, Hogye-dong, Dongan-gu

    Dong Jin Trade Co. Was established in 1994 for the distribution and found a trading company base on over 10 years experience. We treat Korean traditional COOKIEs, food stuffs, LG branded householdhealth care products, such as shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush, conditioners, treatment, hairGel, hair spray, coloring, ...
  • Monica International

    206-1 Juk-ri

    Monica International commenced the study in 1986, to graft toothpaste with natural rose hip oil which contains all trans retinoic acid, a derivative of Vitamin A. As result done by reviewing medical data and various analysis experiments, we found out that including ingredient has preventive effect against gum diseases. Since ...
  • KOMEDI Co.,Ltd

    Samjung Bldg, 108, Ulki-ro 4ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

    - Bling Bling : Acne- Empress (Ultrasonic Scrubber and Skin Massager)- Peellife (Diamond Scrubber)- TenTen : Diet Massager- Trocar - Sterilizer- Oxygen capsule
  • Jaemyung Ind. Co.

    Jaemyung Building 618-161, Yeongdeungpo-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu

    This is Chan-hee, Bae in charge of Trading Dept. Of Jaemyung Ind. Co. In Korea.We were founded 1978, and have been provided excellent goods service to our foreign dealers as well local for nearly 25 years.At a wide range experience available the engineering field specific dental product, from which company can draw upon broad base ...
  • ApoL Inc.

    1522-2, Jung-2Dong. Haeundae-Gu

    2000's July - Established apoL Inc. 2002's June- Selected 'Quality-Assured Company' by Korea Merchandise Testing &Reach Institute 2004's July- Developed Paste-dispensing Toothbrush & registed Pat. No. 2004-0006004,5,6 2005's April- 'Viable Small Medium ...
  • Sang-A E-Clean Co., Ltd.

    32-2 Donglim-ri Mohyon-myeon Cheoin-gu

    Since we started the business for interdental brush, dental floss, and toothbrushes to local dentists specialized medical institutes under our unique brand (e-Clean, Denfix, Issai, Teeper) in 1991, have established a firm basis as leader oral care products industry with R&D new technology advanced management. We acquired ...

    Yakdae-dong 192

    BLKorea is a manufacturer company with its main focus in product development and branding. Meet satisfy the time of "well-being", diligently develop new fragrance ingredients techniques incorporating fragrances to plastic products. With MOC international patented domestic technology, our products ...
  • Kimhae Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

    623-1 Buwon-dong

    Our chamber is non-profit organization for increasing international cooperation. And we have about 2,500 companies as our members who manufacture various products of good quality.Among chamber's members, there are many prominent part industry. my job a supporting companies' overseas activities so that ...
  • Korea-Eng Co., Ltd.

    28-311, # 984 Sihung 3-Dong, Kumchun-Gu

    We are Korea-Eng Co., Ltd., sole agent and distributor for Silver Toothpaste, Silver Soap, Silver Toothbrush & Cosmetics manufactured under "Nano System" in South Korea.All products is certified by FDA (USA), CE & ISO.

    371-28 Woorim-Lion's Valley C-1006


    71, Sadangro20-gil, Dongjak-gu

    We have been supplying the medical and healthcare products(various therapy device, oriental clinical products, surgical blades, needles, diabetes beauty & skin care items...). are high-quality level competitive products with continuous R&D in technology, commodity development, market research. Our target is all over ...
  • SEGERO Co.

    1292-7 Wondae3ga, Seogu

  • Nanorex Co., Ltd.

    # 216 Industry Cooporation Hall Ajou University, San5 Woncheon-Dong

    We, Nanorex, are specialized in well-being ventilating systems for the improvement of indoor air quality. In meantime, we put our focus on development oxygen generators and production relevant products modules, but recently, increasing emphasis "Heat Recovery Ventilation " that has improved forced supply ...
  • Mudfeel Korea Co., Ltd.

    Gyeonggi-Do Korea

    We are The Natural 3 colors Mud beauty product specialty manufacturing company. of Mufdeel Korea is going back to the geologic eras. Angiosperm and a mammal flourishing from Cenozoic era (66, 400, 000 years before) today, mankind comes out at end Cenozoic. mud you see this period. Long history proves it be mineral mud, abundantly ...
  • Abba Implant

  • Kumho Oraltech Co.,Ltd.

    Kumho Dental Pharm Bldg.4f,300-2, Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu

    We are the oral related product specialty manufacture company as which make toothpaste, toothbrush, toothbrush sterilizer etc.. With support of kifa, orography cooperation with polytechnic college in country, we first gained k-mark fields korea' sterilizer. And electric appliances safety certificate. ...
  • NewTech Brush


    Company : Newtech Brush Co., Ltd.C.E.O Kim Young-SangClassification ManufacturerMain Item Interdental Brush, Tooth brush, Dental Floss, Mascara Medical BrushFoundation 1981 Head Office 452-9 Daehung-Dong, Jung-Gu,Daejeon, Korea, 301-803Telephone +82-42-253-3105Fax +82-42-253-3110Website ...
  • Von Global

    253-2 Non Hyun Dong Gang Nam Gu


    107 Venture plaza, Trade tower, 511 Yeongdongdaero, Gangnamgu

    -WOOSIN TRADING has been established in Seoul Korea as a trading company specialized exportation of Korean food and beverage, carrying the mission helping overseas retail companies developing market introducing authentic healthy to customers. We are not only committed provide high quality products customized service but ...