• HCS New Zealand

    66 Carrington Ave

    We are a medium sized import company specializing in Consumer Goods such as Branded Electronics, Designer Frangrences and other Goods, recognized items.We launching an official website to trade Oceania early 2006 looking for reliable exporters supply new equipment add our product lines. Please dont hesitate email if you think ...
  • Whitfield Macdonald

    po box 147 278 Ponsonby

  • Est Perfume

    27b Carlyle St

    Picking the right perfume is no easy task. Perfume a very personal thing. What lovely to you may be quite something else on another woman. Your chemical make up, hormones and skin has lot do with how your body processes scents. for one woman not another. Exactly same scent smell completely different from A quality perfume, applied ...
  • Marlborough Lavender Limited

    130 Shandon Road, R. D. 6

    The Marlborough Lavender Company's lavender farm is nestled in Marlborough's sun-drenched Waihopai Valley. Under the intense, pure sunlight of this unique micro-climate valley, thousands carefully selected French and English plants produce flowers exceptional exquisite colour aroma. From these flowers, ...
  • Sian Holdings NZ Limited

  • Spencer Export

    1 Cortina Place

    Spencer exports as a company has been importing and exporting for nearly 20 years. We specialise in the export of ambergris but fragrance fragrant goods also. work partnership with other sister companies that manufacture goods, it is role spencer to ship these overseas. ...