C&Tech Corp.

Company Details

  • Business Type : Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Location : Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Year Established : 2003
  • Main Products : Skin Care,Facial Masks,Creamy Mask, Hair Masks,Facial Pack,Tissues,Nose Strips, Patches,Products,Nasal Strips,,
  • Links : Korea Beauty & Personal Care, Korea Skin Care, Korea Eye Mask,
  • Company Introduction

    We manufacture and distribute high quality Beauty & Healthcare Products in the spirit of partnership and dedication to quality. We do the design, manufacturing and development of Skincare Cosmetics, Wet Wipes, and Healthcare products for various international Markets. We deliver top-quality products, competitive pricing, attractive packaging and on-time delivery so that they become saleable, affordable and fulfill the customer's quality expectations.Through continuous innovation and use of the latest technology, we have maintained a consistent and reliable quality in manufacturing its products, and have positioned ourselves as the leader in Beauty & Healthcare market.We offer a variety of brands to serve many retail and distribution channels.Our Purederm, Skinlite, Aqualette, Carederm are the flagship brands widely recognized by worldwide consumers in more more than 50countries.We can also develop and manufacture various packages of top quality private label brands, contract packaging or OEM.We strive to delight all of our customers with our pride in quality and service.

    Company Information

  • Contact Person : Ashley Kim
  • Job Title : Manager
  • Telephone :
  • Fax Number :
  • Address : 536-3, Kwirae-ri, Jungnam-myun, Hwasung-si,, Gyeonggi-do
  • Website : http://www.adwin.co.kr
  • Company Product

      Moisturizing Herb Mask
      Royal Jelly Essence Mask
      Cucumber Essence Mask
      Cucumber Essence Mask
      Aloe Essence Mask
      Spot Reducer Cleansing Tissues
      Make-up Cleansing Tissues
      Deodorant Refreshing Wipes
      Make-up Cleansing Tissues Series - Orange
      Make-up Cleansing Tissues Series - Aloe
      Aroma Therapy Facial Mask
      T&U-zone Treatment Mask
      Age Care Eye Gel Mask
      Affter Sun Facial Essence Mask
      Red Wine Facial Essence Mask
      Dual Wellbeing Masque
      Re-Energizing Green Tea Masque
      Hydrating Cucumber Masque
      Strawberry Yogurt Pack
      Relaxing & Calming Lavender Mask
      Illuminating Arbutin Mask
      Age Defying Collagen Mask
      Firming Lift Coenzyme Q-10 Mask
      [KITA] ADS271 Skin Softening Yogurt Mask "STRAWBERRY"
      [KITA] ADS248 Anti-stress Heat Therapy Mask "OATMEAL"
      [KITA] ADS247 Anti-stress Heat Therapy Mask "APRICOT"
      [KITA] ADS259 Deep Cleansing Peel-off Mask "LEMON"
      [KITA] ADS246 Deep Cleansing Peel-off Mask "CUCUMBER"
      [KITA] ADS242 Skin Brightening Natural Pearl Mask "Vitamin E"
      [KITA] ADS241 Skin Recovery Red Ginseng Mask "Vitamin E"
      [KITA] ADS240 Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask "OLIVE OIL"
      [KITA] ADS239 Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask "COCONUT"
      [KITA] ADS238 Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask "MANGO"
      [KITA] ADS228 Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask "PAPAYA"
      [KITA] ADS279 Heat Activated Scalp & Hair Mask "TEA TREE"
      [KITA] ADS278 Shiny & Hydrating Hair Mask