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  • Myeong-Seong Co.,Ltd

    #284 YEMJUNRO NAMGU, Incheo

    My name is James Park from Myeong-Seong Co.,Ltd in South Korea. We are the manufacturer for Cosmetics case and we having more than 70-80% Korea domestics market this time. were on because believe that should make ourselves range at least market, so our products acceptable country know people?s opinion design quality of products. ...
  • Cecare Co., Ltd.

    7-4, Bukhangang-ro, Yangseo-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

    The word "ESCLO" is a compound developed by combining the words essence, skin, lotion, cream, and one, it contains ample levels of ingredients for whitening, firming, moisturizing, deferring aging, making unnecessary you to use skin toner or lotion.ESCLO does not have single objective cosmetics, but differentiated cosmetic ...
  • Natural F & P

    Natural B / D, # 99-5, Munjeong-Dong

    Bio Cellulose is originally invented & patented by our bio technology fermantation know-how from 100% natural coconut juice since 2000.Natural F&P., Corporation (GMP factory) Is a functional cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing company based in Korea. 1. We are the Original inventor.We GMP number 1 certified OEM ...
  • Secretherb.Kor


  • Beaumed

    98, Gasan Digital 2-Ro

    Founded in 2011 Company Name Changed into BEAUMED Co., Ltd. in 2015Inbound Sourcing & Outbound Export for Pharmaceuticals, Medical (Aesthetical) Devices and Cosmetic

    RM 303 Doosan Apt. Commercial Bldg. , 472, Gaebong-Dong, Guro-Ku

    Dear Ladies & Gentlemen, First, please allow us to introduce ourselves our honorable customers and, company, C. A. C Trading Co., Ltd. , are one of the leading exporter manufacturer for skincare cosmetics and have been supplying moisture collagen arbutin facial masks, hand packs, nose strips multi protection UV Sun Cream in brand ...
  • Thanks&Visio

    Riverview officetel 1503, Chungdam-dong 68-19, Kangnam-gu,, Seoul

    Thanks & Vision is established based on determination to understand the needs of modern women and make cosmeceutical that satisfies needs.With a sense vocation, all employees have been trying fulfill ideology philosophy company by clarifying vision purpose defining long-term development strategies from beginning ...
  • Jamirae



    140, Tongil-ro, Dongsan-dong, Deokyang-gu

    SHC has founded in Gung-Gi-Do, South Korea. We are a professional distributor of Korean cosmetic and beauty products. Korea is one the biggest export markets for products, which have been collectively dubbed "K-Beauty. The big rise sales led by K-beauty giant cooperation like AmorePacific, LG Household Health many more ...

    Daekwang Plaza 301

    Excellent Venture creation of its worth Greetings from CEO After Conducting years exhaustive research and development period, Woorhi Mechatronics were established with passion challenging sprit.With our high-end technology know-how, we will explore believe in the visionary field mechatronics automation equipment ...
  • Sj Medics Co.,Ltd

    55-7, Joonghwasan-Ro

    SJ Medics has become one of the leading manufacturing and exporting companies in Korea for skin care, medical devices products.This only been enabled by Medics's commitment to "Best service Value-Added our customers through outstanding technology expertise."Encouraged worldwide recognition excellent ...
  • Agabang & Company

    678-36, Youksam-dong, Gangnam-gu

    About AGABANG & COMPANY * Legitimacy The first professional company specializing in baby clothing and gear launched Korea Exceptionally high brand-recognition the biggest domestic distribution network for about 30 years Persistent superior market share among its kind, based on legitimacy reliability Brand Introduction- ...
  • JeiM International Co.

  • Seo Deung

    2nd Floor, Migeun Bldg. , Migeun-Dong 72-3, Seodaemun-Gu

    We have served the printing industry for more than 30 years with state of art technology and on time delivery.Our major customers are government departments now we try to expand our business foreign markets.Please be guest shall gurantee reliable quality, competitiveness delivery. ...
  • Bio Innovation Pioneer Leader

    334-1, Yulmun-ri, Shinbuk-eup, Chuncheon-si,, Gangwon-do

    BIPL is a company to focus on the commercialization of biotechnologies and nanotechnologies in cosmetic other industrial areas aims at growing be next-generation infrastructure world market as well domestic market. Facing necessities new materials due limitation non woven mask pack, has succeeded mass-production ...

    Woolim E-biz Center 1-411, Digital Road 33-28 Guro-gu

    TM Global Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing PDO(Polydioxanone) for Thread Lifting.We were establised 2013 and have CE2195/ISO13485/KGMP certificates.We are exporting PDO to many countries, like Germany, Spain, Russia, CIS, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia Hong Kong etc.That means our customers fully satisfied with quality, ...
  • MR Innovation Co., Ltd.

    RM 1109, 11th Floor, IT Convergence Industrial Building, Technopark, Kyungpook National University, 80, Daehak-ro, Buk-gu

    MR INNOVATION Co., Ltd.offers innovative and ecologically sustainable agricultural cosmetics solutions among leading manufacturers in the world. We develop our not only for those around us, but also ourselves. Our ongoing research technology development project on natural raw material are dedicated to enhance wellbeing of ...

    53 Cheongsuseo-5Rd. , Hangyeong-myeo

    "We are doing our best effort to provide the quality product for your satisfaction."Dear valuable customer,We, B-PET Co., Ltd. has been worked toward blue ocean under management philosophy "the faith best, confidence on product, trust customer" through proactive innovation. We have grown in past years ...
  • TFM Corporatio

    1234 susonggu, Daegu

    Our company was founded in May 2017.Our company sells mask packs.It's been a long time since we started, but our company has had excellent innovation.
  • Teraeco

    107 Ho, 1st building Chosun University of Science&Technology, 1110-10 Oruong-dong Buk-gu, Gwangju

    We produce anti-aging skincare products such as Collagen Fluid, Vitamin SPF30, and Special Balm, doubling an aromatherapy distribution trade company. The merit of our is the use herbal constituents in vegetables main ingredient.It does not irritate skin, also very effective on atopic dermatitis, regeneration after laser ...