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  • China Israel Ltd

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    China-Israel Ltd accelerates the penetration of Israeli companies into China Market. Our business is finding potential markets for in China, and locating partners Chinese market. provides development, marketing outsourcing management services to foreign manufacturers service providers seeking operate China. ...


    Industrial park, Caesarea

    Contact Caesarea, is the owner and manufacture of Ananda Bio Cosmetic bio cosmetic a premium line, base hi volume active natural/organic ingredients.All products bear BDIH quality symbol the highest German standard for natural organic skin care products. The approved by European Federation Associations Health Product ...

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    "Astor beauty" - a new brand of cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Cosmetic ka is natural, high-quality and relatively inexpensive makeup every day. In production beauty", only natural extracts which, in turn, produced using technology that allows you to save all useful ingredients its entirety. With daily use ...
  • Solo Nature Products Ltd

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    Solo nature products ltd. Was established in 1991. It is a small company that manufactures comprehensive range of unique food supplements, natural healthcare and cosmetics, all under the brand name Dr. Green Naturally. All have been approved by israeli ministry health.The factory, its quality control laboratories, research ...
  • Dead Sea Export

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    Boutique Cosmetics from the Dead Sea with a spark of magic. With 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, we take no compromises in producing professional cutting-edge formulas. CHINDORY Cosmetics is committed to your satisfaction.
  • VELES Marketing & Management

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  • Beauty Express Ltd

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    Trading in Dead Sea products all over the world. Operating Dead Sea Shops in Asia. Operating Dead Sea Spas in Asia.
  • E.B.K Global LTD

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    1. Who are we?E.B.K Global Ltd is an Israel based authorized distributor of high-quality skincare and cosmetics, such as Premium Dead-Sea products professional hair care. Our company was established back in 2008, since then, we have been successful creating sustainable business relations on trust supreme-standards with ...


  • Inspired By Dead Sea

    Inspired by Dead Sea cosmetics comprehensive beauty care line was founded a group of experts in dermatology with years experience and knowledge the unique components - most highly concentrated natural marine mineral source world.The brand brings innovative biotechnology approach, based on remarkable idea developing ...

    Generesense offer many kind of skin care creams, anti-agings, face & body daily use hair products, firming sculpting products. All our products have been created by Dr. M. Burstein LTD, the leading research laboratories in cosmetics field for years. LTD customize formulate at any desired quality up to top Elite high-end while ...
  • Renew Cosmetics Ltd.

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    Renew Cosmetics Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of premium Dead Sea products aimed at the upscale market. The skin care contain an assortment minerals used for therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. Currently, is expanding its international distribution looking associates who recognize first class quality natural beauty as ...
  • Erez Goshen

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    - In 1980 Dr melumad developed the first Dead Sea line in worldand named it "AHAVA". - Dr. David Melumad is a professional cosmetic pharmacist and chemist actually enabled introducing of Israeli industry to whole world. The ability use natural treasures one leading concsept Laboratories even today. laboratories ...