• Probionature Ltda.

    Probionature Ltd. is a probiotics design and manufacturing company, with two main areas of activity: animal nutrition, specifically for aquiculture (fishes like salmon, trout tilapia, srhimps, mussels) human application products, advanced wound treatment other biopharma uses. ...

    hermano cabot

  • Agroindustrial La Floresta Ltd.

    6 Norte 241 of 75

    'AGROINDUSTRIAL LA FLORESTA LTD. ' is a Chilean Company, located in Vth Region of our country. Dedicated to the production and exportation 'soil' snail, Helix aspersa Muller. For that we count with growing orchards all sanitary permits required for its commercialization. Being raising snails ...
  • Donkey Milk Farm

    Andres Bello 1555, Providencia

    Profile of the Company and characteristics our products Five years ago we began to do studies handling donkey milk with intention transforming it into a suitable product for human consumption as well cosmetic use. In effect, due historical precedents related principally baths that was taking Cleopatra Popea, obtain ...
  • Ruido Ltda

    Isidora Goyenechea 3477, Piso 5, Las Conde

    Chile is a very good country to manufacture and export all kind of products.We know very deeply this market reason why you just have to ask for what are you looking for and we will find what you need.
  • Labcconte

    Marina de Chile 2939 depto 6

  • Emuchile S. A

    Avenida EL Bosque 65 Oficina 1

    EmuChile is an investment company dealing in production and marketing of natural cosmetics its byproducts through affiliates allied companies. Our seeks ongoing improvement processes a modern, professional management. efforts on continuous training state-of-the-art technology go hand hand. ...
  • Bona Fide Ltda.

    Bucarest 207 P. 2-Providencia

    We are a company that works as an export commercial office of different brands and product. represent Chilean companies want to open new markets all over the world. link between your needs products. As part our business deal with these companies, we have preferential prices from their own list prices, so us, you will best can reach ...